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Default Re: The Black and White Ar codes thread- now complete and better than 4th gens

Originally Posted by Jessu View Post
Hm, weird. My cousin's program just has it to where you input the code by itself, name it whatever, and yeah.

I dunno, I've never used an AR very much except to get some of the event mons I've missed in the past or weren't released, like HGSS Arceus. >_>
My AR is like that! All of them. I've had four and broke 1 and gave 1 away, becuase I have the DSi XL and they were for DS/DS lite. And I broke the other while trying to update the firmware for B/W, but it works, only for anything below B/W... but I have the newest version and I never could paste codes on it. Always had to type them in manually >.>
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