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Just a split second after I had called the attack, Mienfoo took the moment to use an attack of its own. It flew through the air at a fast speed and brought its right fist back, arched it before slamming it into Raichu's face. He gave Raichu another quick jab with his left hand before tactfully darting backwards and out of the way. I felt bad that this happened to Raichu but as I saw her cheeks quickly start to redden I knew that it wasn't such a bad thing after all. She would be more angry and wouldn't have a problem actually hurting the Mienfoo now. Her fists clenched and her ears perked up. She started to bounce on the balls of her feet a little, while her long, lightningrod tail swished back and forth as she awaited the right moment.

Mienfoo probably didn't realise just how annoyed Raichu was and continued to lock gazes with her. The pair stared at each other from opposite ends of the grassy plains, both oblivious to everything else around them. In a sense, this was good because I knew Raichu wouldn't get distracted from the battle as she meant to do serious damage, but in another way I felt kind of bad that it had come to this situation. Raichu was usually so friendly and cheerful-- never starting fights unless it was absolutely necessary to protect her or her family. Raichu were very proud and selfless Pokemon, who always remained loyal to their family and friends. That was something I admired about her and is one of the reasons why she is one of my favourite Pokemon. If I did manage to catch this Mienfoo, I hope the pair wouldn't end up hating each other. That would be really unbeneficial to us if they ever had to work together.

"Rai," I called. Her ears pricked up a little but she didn't acknowledge me except for that. "Rai, stop this now. All it's gonna do is create a feud. So turn around and listen to me." Reluctantly, she turned around. Her coal-like glassy eyes reminded me of when I first met her and how she came to join my team. She was a little Pichu then, abandoned by her mother as an infant and left to fend for herself. I remember hearing yelps of pain from the alleyway behind my house and when I got there, curious as to what was happening, I saw her lying on the ground, barely breathing. When I looked around for the person or Pokemon that had attacked her, I saw a mischievous-looking Houndour staring at me with a smug grin. He barked and then ran for it before I could catch him. If I ever saw that Houndour again I swore I would get vengeance for my Raichu.

"Raichu, listen up 'cause this is what we're going to do. Start off with a Discharge and then try to use a Wild Charge."
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