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Default Re: OPEN; Crystal Momoyia vs Beartic Tundra

Round Twelve

Crystal Momoyia

Health: 83%
Energy: 11%
Ability: Shell Armour
Status: Glad to have avoid the worst of the Grass-type attacks, but really starting to feel the fatigue. (Attack +1; Speed +1; Safeguarded for 3 more actions)
Moves: switch to Drakon the Fraxure ~ Cut

Beartic Tundra

Health: 6%
Energy: 23%
Ability: Poison Point
Status: On her last legs, distraught at the failure of the last round. (Attack +2)
Moves: Giga Drain

Seeing that her Pokémon was suffering enough due to fatigue Crystal Momoyia recalled Shinju. Gaia was horrified to see her opponent’s replacement; a Fraxure. Not fully evolved, but still dangerous enough to a Pokémon on its last legs. Like Gaia was.

She stumbled forward slightly, preparing herself for her first attack, hoping to recover some health with a Giga Drain like she had tried to previously. But Lady Luck had something else in store for Beartic and Tundra; the slick floor of the cavern betrayed Gaia, making her slip and fall, smashing into the ground hard. The damage caused by the fall itself was little, but the effect would end up being far greater than that.

Drakon, the newly arrived Fraxure, saw his chance to end his opponent before they’d even got to know each other. He bounded across the arena gleefully, almost laughing at his opponent’s misfortune. The claw he brought down onto the downed Roselia was more than enough to send her unconscious, ending their very short time against each other. But it turned out that Gaia wasn’t completely done, despite her lack of health. In his haste to finish Gaia off, Drakon hadn’t noticed the poisonous thorns showing where he hit. Inspecting his claws, he noticed several scratches, now laced with poison. The wound stung, but his pride was great; he had barely tried in this battle, and he had already downed one opponent.

Round Twelve End

Crystal Momoyia

Health: 97%
Energy: 93%
Ability: Mold Breaker
Status: Laughing at his opponent’s misfortune, but irritated at her final parting gift. (Poisoned, losing 3% health at the end of every round)

Beartic Tundra

Energy: 23%
Ability: Poison Point
Status: Seeing stars.

Arena Notes:
- There is a 5% chance of Pokémon to slip and fall, cancelling their attack and taking a very small amount of damage.
- Drakon’s slip roll was 81, with anything from 1-5 resulting in the attack failing and 2% damage.
- Gaia’s slip roll was 1, with anything from 1-5 resulting in the attack failing and 2% damage.

Referee Notes:
- Shinju; switch to Drakon the Fraxure
- Drakon; Cut (4% damage, -7% energy)
- Gaia; Giga Drain (slipped and fell; -2% health)
- Critical-hit rolls; Cut rolled a 4, with anything rolling a 1 meaning a Critical-hit.
- Cut’s accuracy roll was 69, with anything from 1-95 resulting in a hit.
- Poison Point’s effect roll was 19, with anything from 1-30 resulting in Poison.
- Beartic Tundra, if you’d like to send out Mienfoo again and order your attacks first please. If we do this fast, we can have it done by the end of today.
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