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Default Re: OPEN BATTLE: SLC vs Murgle-Flag

On the tenth day of our expedition, we managed to find our way out of the dense, tangled jungle that we had previously been trying to navigate. Instead, we found ourselves on the shore of some sort of lake; when using the binoculars, one of my companions, murgle-flag, found that there was an island at the centre of the water where we could rest for a while away from the hungry predators and stinging bugs that had plagued us since we set out. The water wasn’t too deep so we were able to wade across to what was little more than a sandbar but seemed like a paradise; each of us set our bags down and lay down for a while in order to rest before continuing our long march. The water wasn’t salt so we drank some and refilled our depleted bottles.

A few hours passed and my fellow adventurers decided that they would have a quick battle before setting off again to find a shelter for the night. SLC and murgle-flag each took up a position on the banks of the island while I sat up to watch the battle between them. SLC made the first move, revealing his soft, pink Chansey as the chosen battler. Murgle-flag, after a moment of contemplation, then picked out his own warrior; a small, blue mudskipper with a large fin on its head appeared in a flash of light. The mud fish and the egg-bearing nurse watched each other carefully – they knew that the battle could swing either way and were eager to win it for their respective trainers.

Round One


[El Huevo] Chansey (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Eager to get going
Moves: Thunder Wave ~ Charge Beam


[Starla] Mudkip (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Ready to go
Moves: Dive ~ Mud Shot

El Huevo, the egg, was ready before her opponent and so took the advantage of speed. She rubbed her smooth feet over the rough sand in order to build up a small charge of static electricity; she planned on using this to disable her water-type opponent for a little while. She ran, or at least waddled, towards Starla, scraping her feet on the sand as she went to increase the charge; reaching the target, she tapped her with one foot to allow the charge to flow between them. The electricity attacked the Mudkip’s nervous system and muscles, causing the first to malfunction and the second to seize up. Starla felt her entire body begin to cease function and looked at her rival with bewilderment – she didn’t understand what had happened but knew instinctively that it hadn’t been good.

However, the mudfish was sure that she’d soon forget all these problems if she had a swim; besides, her opponent wouldn’t be able to hit her when she was underwater. There was, unfortunately, one small problem – she couldn’t get to the water. Her limbs were still stiff from paralysis and the thunder wave was still messing with the signals passing from her brain to the rest of the body. In short, she was helpless until the charge died away.

It wasn’t as if El Huevo was about to go easy on her either; the nurse pokémon was already building up yet another charge to strike her down. A ball of electricity formed in front of the Chansey’s chest, sparking and crackling. She took careful aim at the Mudkip before unleashing the beam. Starla stood helplessly, her paralysis forcing her to stay in the path of the oncoming attack; she knew that she had to get out of the way but her stiff muscles weren’t letting her go anywhere. The attack hit its target head-on however the mudskipper didn’t feel it for a little while as the previous action’s attack was still playing around with his nervous system. The attack did cause quite a bit of damage though and even worse was that it had caused an increase in Huevo’s attack power – things certainly didn’t seem to be working in Starla’s favour today.

And they weren’t going to get much better. Murgle-flag had ordered his pokémon to use Mud Shot, which was not a move she knew how to use. Although her limbs had been freed from their paralysis, Starla didn’t know what she was supposed to do; this move was completely new to her. Taking a few guesses, she dug up sand and threw it at her opponent – unfortunately it was blown back by a slight breath of wind, causing it to fail. Starla and her trainer just had to hope that the next round would be kinder to them.


[El Huevo] Happiny (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 89%
Condition: Confident; +1 Special Attack


[Starla] Mudkip (F)

HP: 92%
Energy: 84%
Condition: Feeling humiliated; paralysed

Thunder Wave- (Chansey -4% Energy; Mudkip paralysed)
Dive- (Rolled 16/100, 50 or less for paralysis; Mudkip -4% Energy)
Charge Beam- (Rolled 84/100, 90 or less to hit; rolled 3/10, 7 or less for stat boost; Chansey -7% Energy, +1 Special Attack; Mudkip -8% HP)
Mud Shot- (Fails, Mudkip cannot learn Mud Shot; Mudkip -12% Energy)

Arena Notes
A slight wind is blowing.

Team Notes
3 Pokémon remaining
3 Pokémon remaining

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