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Default Re: [Open] Beartic Tundra vs. Velocity

Though the battle outside was fierce, it was surprisingly peaceful inside the hall. The water fountain continued its spray of water and magic despite the fact that all the warriors in the world seemed to be camped outside, trying to break in and steal its magic. However, one of the warriors had already made it into the castle, even into the very hall containing the fountain. Beartic Tundra approached it boldly, ready to claim it for his nation and king; his Roselia, Gaia, walked beside him with an almost arrogant air. Then, another figure appeared, stepping around the fountain to confront him – this was Velocity, one of the king’s best knights, who was sworn to protect the fountain and the castle at any cost. Behind her floated her pokémon, Princess Elizabeth Glacier-Sparkle the Third, a Cryogonal who had been its trainers faithful companion through many a battle. I peeked out from behind one of the many tapestries – I didn’t have any pokémon to join the battle with, but I could watch them battle for a while.

Round One

Beartic Tundra

[Gaia] Roselia (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Feeling arrogant
Moves: Switch (Mienshao) ~ Hi Jump Kick


[Princess Elizabeth Glacier-Sparkle the Third] Cryogonal (X)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Ready to defend its home
Moves: Bind ~ Ice Beam/Acid Armour

While Gaia had done an excellent job getting Beartic into the castle, especially getting the guards to fall asleep, however a battle with one of the castle’s defenders would need a more offensive choice of pokémon. The attacker took a poké ball from his belt and used it to recall his flowery friend; the Roselia was turned to red energy and pulled back into the red and white ball. Now her trainer took a similar ball, although this one was marked with a fist, and threw it into the air between himself and Velocity; a long, thin fighting-type appeared. Her whiskers twitched and she looked around, seeing pictures of knights and Druddigon everywhere. Eventually, she faced her opponent, just in time to see an attack hit her.

While Beartic had been deciding in which pokémon to use, Princess Elizabeth Glacier-Sparkle the Third had been preparing its first attack. Tilting onto her side, like a Frisbee, it used its sharp edges to cut pieces of tapestry from the walls; using the broken threads, it formed several chains, which it reinforced with ice. It fired each of the ribbons at Lyssa shortly after she was released from her poké ball; they wrapped around her, constricting her movement and stopping her from escaping the battle as Gaia had.

Nevertheless, the weasel was not put off by the lack of ability to move – she even managed to find a way to use it as an advantage. She jumped high into the air above the Cryogonal before flipping over and using the constricting bands of thread to guide her back to the target. Although Princess Elizabeth Glacier-Sparkle the Third did try and avoid the attack, the whip fighter managed to hit it, making her crash hard into the ground. The kick hurt the oversized snowflake a lot – it couldn’t even levitate properly for a while. However, the icy warrior was soon back and ready to fight, even though it was a little sore still.

I shivered as the temperature in the hall dropped a little – it seemed that Velocity’s Princess Elizabeth Glacier-Sparkle the Third was going to go on the offensive any time soon. Sure enough, crackling white energy soon formed a ball in front of the battered ice-type. Without a moment’s hesitation, the Cryogonal fired a precise beam at her belligerent opponent, hoping to cause as much damage as possible. The attack hit the Mienshao’s chest while she struggled against her bonds. It chilled her to the very bone so that she trembled uncontrollably; the cold did leave, however once it did, the crystallizing pokémon took the opportunity to tighten Lyssa’s bonds, making her squirm in pain. This round had been difficult for both combatants but the battle was only just beginning – it could only get better from here.

Beartic Tundra

[Lyssa] Mienshao (F)

HP: 73%
Energy: 88%
Condition: Hadn’t expected to take such a beating; bound (2 more rounds)


[Princess Elizabeth Glacier-Sparkle the Third] Cryogonal (X)

HP: 59%
Energy: 91%
Condition: Really quite sore

Switch- (Roselia switched for Mienshao)
Bind- (Rolled 47/100, 85 or less to hit; rolled 5/8, effect lasts for 3 rounds; Cryogonal -2% Energy; Mienshao -2% HP)
Hi Jump Kick- (Rolled 88/100, 90 or less to hit; Mienshao -12% Energy; Cryogonal -41% HP)
Ice Beam- (Rolled 7/10, 1 to freeze; Cryogonal -7% Energy; Mienshao -20% HP)
Bind- (Mienshao -5% HP)

Arena Notes
Some of the tapestries have been torn.

Team Notes
Beartic Tundra
3 Pokémon remaining
3 Pokémon remaining