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Default Re: Voice Index

Name: *bleeped* ... *sigh* Just call me Guard.
Gender: male? (wtf is there a question mark?)
Voice Type: human (um, I guess deep? well, when I record, I tend to be, but normal talking voice is different)
Languages/Accents: English (language, not accent). I think I can learn to do any accent with a decent enough sample and some time. I think I might even be able to do weird voices like waaay off from my normal voice...
Contact Details: and here PM/VM and I just signed up for AIM since that popular here (Guard13007 is my name EVERYWHERE)
Availability: I don't have internet yet, when I do I will be on once a day at least most likely, for now, I'm on about twice a week at the least, but usually as much as possible
Voice Sample: ramble based on 5 hours sleep?
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