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Default Re: .;The NEW Academy of Sprite/Pixel Art ;. - [Sign up to improve or teach now!]

As long as this one doesn't go on and die again, I'll help out.
Name: Username is Speed-X, but you can call me by whatever you feel best about. *shrug*
Teacher or apprentice: Teach.
What you want to learn/what you can teach: Anything useful, none of the overly specific stuff such as "eggs" or "holograms" or what have you. Those types of things are categorized into one category: edits. So...basically anything that isn't overly specific like that. Specific things that aren't OVERLY specific are okay, though, such as Revamps and Devamps and the like...even though that may be categorized into something else in my book, since a lot of the time a (de/re)vamp isn't a real (de/re)vamp unless it's completely custom. Well...revamps are more leaniant on that, since it always depends on the original. Devamps usually call for making something totally custom.

But lol, I'm totally blabbing. Anyways, need a hand with editing? Lineart? Shading? Color Schemes? Anything like that? I'm totally cool with that. I'm just not cool with "Frankenspriting," (Copy+pasting) so I won't really mention anything about that assuming that you'd like me to help with fusions and the like.

Just be ready for long explanations, because I like to blabber on. D8
How long you've been spriting: As long as I've been on the internet. (2005.)
How you can be contacted: AIM, VM, PM. Preferrably AIM, but VM if that's not good enough for ya.
How often you are available: Most of the time unless I'm out doing something one day or someone's over or something.
I'm usually on AIM, so feel free to IM me with this kind of thing. Just make sure that, if you want to be assigned to me, send me a VM or PM here and I'll go and confirm it here. Discussing is most conveniently done on AIM, assuming I'm online ^^; (My AIM is SpeedXaaa.)

For now, I'd be alright with taking two people at one time.

And I don't intend to scare anyone off, but I'll make something clear: I don't like sugarcoating things--I just like to get to the point. No, that doesn't mean I'll be downright rude; I can be blunt while still being mature and considerate, but yeah. There's really no use sugarcoating things too much....
I also don't really like to fool around--I'm pretty serious when it comes to pixel art...that is, unless I state otherwise (sometimes I just get incredibly bored and just like to mess around. Meh, I'm only human.)
Anyway, what I mean by that is that I don't prefer to fool around with the useless things, such as overly specific categories of edits and such. You wanna make eggs and whatnot? That's cool, really. But first you'll have to learn how to actually edit pixel art...then you can use that acquired knowledge for anything else pertaining to editing.
That's pretty much what I mean.

I prefer to take in someone who is also pretty semi-serious, but I suppose it's cool if not. Just...yeah.

I'm sorry, I just ramble way too much.

Anyways, please don't let my demeanor seem too intimidating or anything. I'm really a friendly person, I've just matured lately to the point where I don't like overusing smilies and just like to get, like I stated earlier, straight to the point. ^^; Unless I'm just joshing around or whatever.

...But if I don't get any requests, I will start selecting victims people. 8D;

...Kidding. XD

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