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Default Re: .;The NEW Academy of Sprite/Pixel Art ;. - [Sign up to improve or teach now!]

I completely failed in every aspect: I removed my post when I thought of something, so decided to remove it, then I get a VM, so I decide to go with that xD

Time to repost my form so that I don't look like a complete noob =D

Name: Seal, Seal Boy etc. (honestly don't mind)

Teacher or apprentice: Apprentice

What you want to learn/what you can teach: Fusions/Splices, Customs/Fakemon/Scratches, Re-types.

How long you've been spriting: Since 2009 I think

How you can be contacted: Email, VM, msn and skype (ask via PM)

How often you are available: Every Tuesday, Thursday and every other weekend (I may be on more often if I'm not round my dads)

... Typing this up again was annoying, but that'll teach me for getting ideas and acting rashly Dx

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