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Default Pokemon Gijinka Academy

Welcome to Pokemon Gijinka Academy (PGA for short,) a huge school campus located on an island off the coast of the Unova region. The academy is refuge to Pokemon gijinkas. It is a place where they can meet others like themselves, as well as hone and learn to use their abilities, as well as get a regular education (there are regular classes here too.) A Pokemon gijinka, is a human who is born with a Pokemon soul. It is not not yet known why these humans are born like this, however as a result, they are able to communicate with the species of Pokemon whose soul they share. They can also use that Pokemon's abilities, and in some cases they recieved some of the physical characteristics of that Pokemon. The academy is home to many gijinkas young and old. Few people know of it's existence. The academy has been around for decades, and has been able to be a secret for so long due to the presence of a few kind humans in the world.

However, society in general fears gijinkas. They are considered abominations and freaks of nature. Some parents send there children here out of shame after finding out their child is a gijinka. There are also humans who wish to capture gijinkas and use them for malicious purposes, as though they were a regular Pokemon. There are even some gijinkas who wish to use their powers for selfish deeds. However, the school has usually been good at spotting those with ill intentions.

Some gijinkas, save for their powers, and in some cases hair or eye color, can pass for "Normal" humans. There are others however who aren't so fortunate. They have the physical traits of a Pokemon, or have difficulty controlling their powers. It gives them away as gijinkas immediately. These type of gijinkas rarely leave the island.

The academy building, where classes take place, is a large nondescript building that's several stories tall. P.E. classes, are held either outside in a field set up for it behind the building, or in a small gymnasium nearby. Next to the campus on either side, are the towers for the boys and girls dormitories respectively. A walking distance away, there is the Academy Village. Despite being called a village, it is as big as a regular town, and contains all the things towns do. Including a movie theatre, several restaurants a shopping mall, and more. The island itself is tropical, there is a beach with swimmable oceans, and a large rainforest. Wild Pokemon do live on the island. These Pokemon are not allowed to be captured by anyone. They are usually studied in their natural habitat for the science classes except for once a year on the anniversary is this rule bended for one hour.
I have no set plot for this. Anything you want to do is fine with me. Remember, we need students and teachers.


1. All Forum rules and RPG rules apply obviously.

2. No legendaries (The last thing I need is someone being an Arceus gijinka and beating everyone.) Rotom and Phione do not count as legendaries

3. Try to be active. If you must leave give someone permission to control your character.

4. You can use as many characters as you can handle, but keep track of them all.

5.There can be more than one of the same species, so don't worry if someone else joins as the Pokemon you wanted.

6. Have Fun. I will be enforcing this. If you're not having fun, then get out. xD

Sign Up

The Choices are either be a Student or Teacher.


You will have a Pokemon. Only one per character. It will be the same species as you are. It can speak human speech, but only you or any other gijinkas of the same species (This includes evolutionary families) can understand it.

Pokemon Sign Ups

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