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Default Re: .:The Official Pe2k Podcast Thread:. [New Episode! 06/06/10]

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post

And Guard, on weekends I can do basically any time from 10am till 11pm or sightly after, so we don't have to make you get up really early. xD I'm cool to do it at the time it is now, for instance. I don't want everyone to be strained because of me. xD So of course I'll work around you guys. And it depends who's going to be in the podcast at the time. :]

Yeah...actually, if it were up to me, I'd being staying up till five. xD

Eh, time really shouldn't be an issue for me (once we finally get Internet, which was supposed to happen yesterday and didn't, grr). For now, I'm oddly limited by having to use a library or McDonalds for Internet, which really sucks in this case more than usual because I do not wanna sit somewhere public speaking at my computer. XD

Really early would actually probably work better...except still kinda not without the Internet...hmm...well I guess worry about it when I am to go on at some point...
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