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Default +;The NEW Official Pe2k Podcast Thread;+ - Episode Seven: #14 Kakuna


"I loved it. xD It was sooo funny. LOL AT YOUR MILLION DIFFERENT VOICES, MIKE."

"Oh you guys.. you now realize the struggle of keeping on one topic. You guys completely lost it and talked about virtually everything BUT Pokemon. xD"

"Y'know, I just finished listening to the intro episode, and oh my god it was SO FUNNY. I died like 15 times. xD"

Wait...huh? What Pe2k podcast?
Um, don't you remember the podcasts? The last one was only a year ago. Sheesh. But the point is, the Pe2k podcast is basically some kind of chat show designed for your entertainment, brought to you by members of Pe2k. The old one was hosted by Charbok, and there was a frequent team which got together on specific days and chatted about pokemon, gaming, and anything else that happened to come up. Each episode was based around a specific pokemon, and the podcasts would launch from there.

Okay, well, team leaders?
The podcast will be recorded, edited and posted by:
Graceful_Suicune - Grace
XaiakuX - Caleb
Also this is the guy who may or may not come back from the dreaded beedrill stings he so tragically received.
Pe2k Voices - Mike

How do I listen to it?
#1: Subscribe using iTunes!
Click Here

#2: Subscribe using a link-based feed-grabber such as Google Reader
Copy+Paste this link into the feed:

#3: iTunes provides users with the ability to subscribe through feed link as well.
1. Choose "Advanced" on the options bar at the top.
2. Click "Subscribe to Podcast"
3. Paste the URL following URL into the feed box:
4. Click OK.

#4: Download directly from
(You can download these by going to File > Save Page As, or if you have an add-on for your browser to download stuff with, such as DownloadHelper for Firefox, you can use that.)
(This is after searching "pe2k podcast")

You can also find a promo/highlights video which are yet to be broadcast on our YouTube channel, Pe2kVoices. However, this will not be the full episode.

I want in. Nao.
Okay, so we've gotten a lot of applicants. Unfortunately we will no longer be doing permanent or frequent appearances--we have to play it fair and have new people on each week (with the exception of me, Mike and Caleb, although we might not be in each one), and that means you have to wait your turn. But, you have to have the following requirements:
a) A reasonable internet connection
b) A Skype account
c) A working microphone
d) A voicebox

Okay, okay, pipe down. Feel free to email or PM us anything you want to ask to do with the podcast--or not to do with it! We would love to hear feedback from our listeners, and we'd love even more to answer them. :] Email us on:

(These are links to the posts, not the direct episodes. The posts will have the direct links, however)

> Pe2kPodcast Intro (link to - Just me and Mike.
> Episode One - #255 Torchic - Me, Mike, XaiakuX and Gemma
> Episode Two - #249 Lugia (and Gemma's birthday) - Me, Mike, XaiakuX, Gemma and Ana.
> Episode Three - #129 Magikarp - Me, Mike, XaiakuX and Shen
> Episode Four - #167 Spinarak - Me, Mike, XaiakuX and Orthar -Minor content warning-
> Episode Five - #216 Teddiursa - Me, Mike and Ant2011
> Episode Six - #610 Axew - Me, Mike and XaiakuX
> Episode Seven - #14 Kakuna - Me and XaiakuX
Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

Pokemon Crossroads!
Pe2k's spiritual successor! :D I'm Suicune's Fire there.

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