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Default Battle Factory Round 1!

Battle Factory Round 1!

You have until next Sunday to compete. If anybody evades the Challenge or just does not sign on when people HAVE tried to organise their challenge. They will be dropped next round. You have a Deadline, stick to it. If you're really struggling due to timezone problems I might be able to swap a few around. Similarly, if people have not battled enough and need an extension. I may allow an extra few days for them to keep going. Once you are out, I will decide what happens from their. Just try to win. If it comes to it the activity might come into play between the 2 people. However, this will be discussed among other officials.

Captain Dude vs Mubz
Brizer vs PichuBoy
DrStubbsberg vs Pidge
Derian vs Sgt.Pepper's
ATF vs Smoregasbord
Synthesis vs Ayotui
Ash K vs Fierce Deity
Husnain vs Fawkes
AlaskaPigeon vs Neonsands
TheEvilDookie vs Bumblebee
Eeveedude vs Ultra
JokesterJesse vs ChainReaction
OpossumGuy vs Pokeviper
Ebail vs Webmaster
Pman vs Nitro
DoH vs Pokemaster
Xalapeno vs Gliscorman
Dannycon vs Legendary Master
RainbowKit vs Team Evolution
Muddy Mudkip vs Spider C
The Jr. Trainer vs Turtwig A
SiberianTiger vs Nightsky Eyes
Roulette Dares vs Morru Magnum
Ataro vs GmanDiddy
LS vs SLCalmity
Pika57 vs WTP
Zhoobatte vs WinterVines
MaverickKaiser vs iReign

Helds On
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Evasion Clauses

Money Per Round:
Winner: $2000 + Progression + Chance to Swap
Loser: $1000
Refs: $3000
* Make Sure all Referees place in the Log if any Pokemon have been traded!
<3 Donny & Sooty you both will always be in my heart :)
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