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Default Re: PE2K Factfile 2.0

name: Bethan. Or Beth, I'm cool with whatever really.
name meaning: Consecrated to God (Welsh)
alias: Daughter of Mew, ikissellipsis.
join jate: April 10, 2008
date of birth: April 13, 1996
age: 16
birthplace: Akrotiri, Cyprus
location: Kent, UK
sex: Female
race: Caucasian/Mizrahi Jewish
ethnicity: English/Irish/Israeli
religion: Atheist
status: Single sausage
orientation: i like ladies, but i sometimes like mens
occupation: Student
grade: Year 11
family: I live with my grandparents, but I've also got my parents, step-parents and sisters.
pets: I have a weiner dog called Cuddles. I wish I was joking.
height: 5'3"
weight: i don't want to know lol
shoe size: UK size 5
eye color: Light blue
hair color: Light brown, but that will probably have changed in a month.
piercings: None, but I hope for some
tattoos: None, but I hope for MANY.
color: Purple
number: 13
animal: Panda, polar bear, unicorn (THEY EXIST)
pokémon: Polywhirl, Flareon, Raichu, Crobat, Dialga
flower: Roselia
food: Rice, hummus, asparagus (yes really)
candy: My local Tesco sell sick vegan chocolate bars
restaurant: Pizza Express


movie: The Day After Tomorrow, Mulan, Orphan
movie genre: Horror
animated series: Adventure Time
non-animated tv series: Countryfile
anime: Lucky Star
comedian: Shappi Khorsandi
actor/actress: Hugh Laurie
video game: The Assassin's Creed series, the Dragon Age series
console: PC! But I play Xbox
music producers: Netsky
band: Enter Shikari, Touche Amore, La Dispute, The Wonder Years
song: Why It Scares Me - La Dispute
favorite music genre: Hardcore, pop-punk, drum & bass
album: 'Suburbia I've Given You All And Now I'm Nothing' by The Wonder Years


character: Ezio Auditore
quote: "Small boobies are boobies, and boobies are awesome"
book: Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
clothing brand: Drop Dead, David & Goliath
season: Winter
day of the week: Friday
month: December
sport to play/watch: Hockey
languages spoken: English. I have GCSEs in French and German but I don't know how I got them.
places traveled: Cyprus, UK, Bulgaria, Jamaica, Canary Islands, Germany, France, Ireland, Switzerland
hobbies: Video games, art, Tumblr, imagining things that I never get round to doing
tags/keywords: poopoo
facebook: poop
twitter: @sceneistobeseen ikissellipsis
skype: beffaaan
deviantart: ~Cyrisse
tumblr: casestudyforanthropology
harr harr im funny
twitter | tumblr | moi

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