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Default Re: Negima Chronicles (PG13)

“Are you stupid? Do you know who I am?” asked the woman as she stepped forward. She had flowing blonde hair, she looked beautiful, and she wore a scarlet dress and she smelled of flowers. It was a good and welcoming smell, something that one would expect a beautiful woman to wear. It was of similar smell to what Asuna and Konoka wore. But, nonetheless, no, Negi did not know who this person was, and he told her that.

“I-I’m sorry. Have we met?” he asked.

The woman stood there, her eyes half closings as if she was sleepy, but it was in disgust. She looked down at the boy and let out anger and rage, “I am Evangeline you dolt! Magic vampiress! Lilaclililac!” she yelled. When she yelled, lightning crashed behind her. Negi had been so focused on his duty to search the school grounds that he had not realized it might now rain. But, he had no time to think about that, or rather, he could not think about that. His eyes widened and he cowered in fear.

“Evangeline? Please! I do not want to fi-hi-hi-hight!” he cried. Tears started to weld up in his eyes. The boy was frightened of this woman, however, his fear did not prevent him from asking his observant question, “Why do you look like a woman?” asked Negi.

“Your father was none too bright,” she laughed, “The fool did not even use magic to lock me into this pitiful existence as a Japanese school girl. He used an electrical barrier, interfering with most of my magic, and making me the cute and adorable little girl I was!” she continued to rage and lash out as another figure landed via rocket feet.

Chachamaru landed softly next to her master. She had a brown feminine trench coat with large rain boots. Chachamaru had almost no expression on her face until she looked down to see Negi. She then said, “Sorry, Professor Springfield,” in her closest simulation to feeling.

During this time, Evangeline had still been ranting and raving. Negi almost zoned out, and even his fear let him become lax enough to become impatient of all her talk about revenge. But, when she was done, he snapped right back into ‘cower like a coward’ mode. Evangeline laughed maniacally after the long speech and snarled, “But do not worry, little Negi Springfield, you won’t be fighting me just yet.”

She lifted her hand up and snapped. Out came Makie, Sakurado, Chao, and Akira. They all wore a combination of a maid and combat suit. It almost looked attractive, if it weren’t for the terribly frightening figures whom where in them. Their skin was pale, and their teeth pointed strait out. Makie’s was the bloodiest, suggesting she was the one who had caused the other three to become vampires. Negi shrieked allowed, drawing his staff, ready for combat.

“Do not worry, mister ‘Goody-two-shoes,’ she said, “it is only temporary.”

“Using my own students as a shield, I did not even think you would stoop so low as to do this!” he snapped.

“Oh, but that is what we evil people do,” she smirked and snapped again. This time, the four assailants moved forward, surrounding the young wizard. Negi threw off his jacket, along with Como. Como landed on all fours on the sidelines of the newly laid battlefield.

“Don’t let em’ get you, big brother!” Como encouraged.

Negi was forced to dodge several attacks. Most were an assortment and array of punches, kicks, flicks, bites, and grabs. Most of which were easy to dodge. However, Chao was in Chinese Martial Arts Club. She knew how to fight well. If everyone thought Ku, the school’s karate master was tough; this new zombie Chao was invincible. Negi dodged, bended, and twisted this way and that, trying to escape from the clutches of the psychotic school girls. Each brake in attack, he would attempt to cast a spell upon Evangeline, but it would not work.

This time, all four girls tried to grab him at once, he lifted off with his feat, and using his wind harnessing power, helped him fly without much aid from his staff. He landed next to the crowd. Almost rabidly, the girls ran over to snatch him again, this time though, they all shouted towards him, “Play with us Negi! Play with us!” they yelled.

Negi dodged to the side of Chao fell to the ground after lunging towards him. Negi then jumped over Chao, causing the girls to move on to his new position. He then twirled his staff, muttering a Latin phrase that caused a blast of wind. Sakurado and Akira were blown back, yelling out as they flew. Chao and Makie moved to both of the sides of Negi. He quickly looked to his left and to his right, both the smiling faces of his students, but he could not think about that now. He quickly ducked as Makie threw a punch. The arched punch popped Chao in the cheek, knocking her to the ground. Negi rolled; obtaining a new position again, but Makie was faster than him. She was already nearing him again. He looked down at his feet, seeming to think things over and after a short moment, he looked up to the snickering Evangeline, “I’ll play your sick game,” he said.

He held his staff, a bright blue glow emanating from the rod. It was a small energy discharge, not enough to cause actual damage, but enough to knock Evangeline back. Evangeline, because of the abrupt attack, must have lost her effectiveness in her mind control. Makie, and the others passed out, beaten by the wizard without serious injury. Evangeline recovered, seeing her army beaten, and hopped off her higher position, still fuming to Negi on the way down.

“Your father was an absolute fool!”

She jumped towards Negi. Negi quickly and narrowly jumped out of the way, but the parry was futile. He was caught in the arms of Chachamaru. “Sorry, Professor Springfield.” Of course, the odd thought that always comes during dangerous moments came. The ones that normally seem out of place and stupid to think always come when one is in the worst situations. Negi mentally remarked how repetitive Chachamaru’s apologies were. Chachamaru must mean it every time, because hospitality and feeling was not programmed into her, Negi assumed. Why would Evangeline, an apparently heartless vampiress with a vendetta out towards a ten year old boy, need a robot with feeling? Maybe she was like Albert Einstein, and she had to have something like a note card to help her remember what emotions to show at what time and where. But, Evangeline clearly did not have autism; she would be like any other girl, if it weren’t for the fact that she was a psychotic vampire. Negi quickly shook off all these thoughts.

Negi squirmed and shook, trying desperately to get out of Chachamaru’s grasp. The taller and older Evangeline then bent down and got into Negi’s face. Negi started to breathe harder as she spoke in a soft whisper now,

“Don’t worry, Negi. It will only last for a few moments.”

All Negi could focus on now was that vicious set of teeth baring down on him. He squirmed more, but all resistance was futile. Negi was terrified for his life, but out of nowhere, a lightning strike kick smacked Evangeline right in the lip.

“Wo’? No’ ahain!” she yelled as she held her cheek, “Dis’ ca’ bwe happenin’ ahain!”

The assailant was a slender and angry Asuna. She stood there, ready to fight Chachamaru, and turned to Negi, “You little runt! When are you gonna listen? We got to work together!” she yelled. Negi was thankful, but also concerned for her health.

“Asuna! You cannot fight Chachamaru and Evangeline alone!” and with that, a huge energy beam was fired from Evangeline, forcing Asuna and Negi to take cover from the blast behind a large prop for the bridge. So, they cowered behind the side of that bridge prop while Evangeline sprayed the entire area with her giant energy beam. The blast was so massive, that Evangeline did not see where they ran off to. It was stupid of her to make the blast so humungous. It was silly. She beat herself up on that as she yelled out, trying to goad them into fighting.

“Come on Negi and Asuna! You can come out and play now!” she taunted.
Como had scurried in between Asuna and Negi, “Negi! You need to give Asuna her partnership!”

“What kind?”

“I don’t care, freakin’ permanent for all I care!” and he started to scribble a Permanent Contract Spell around them. Asuna was reluctant. Kissing a ten year old on the lips? Gross and unthinkable! She would never do something like that, but when she saw the fear and urgency in both Como and in Negi, she knew it had to be done. So, as the spell was being finished up by Como, Asuna bent down, not far, for Negi was pretty tall, but just enough to reach his lips. The aura started to glow around the circle as they kissed in secrecy.
It was an awkward moment. Negi was completely unprepared, and had never kissed a girl before. Well, not unless you count his sister and a few times, but those were purely just pecks on the cheek, nothing more. But this was another girl, a non-relative kissing his lips. He actually enjoyed it, but was still actually surprised, and as Asuna backed away, he yelled moodily, “What was with the tongue?”

Como’s face lit up with almost unbelievable happiness. The small ermine almost literally up, died, and went to heaven upon hearing this.

“Well, it was my... actually... my first time actually kissing anyone before,” she said as she covered her mouth in embarrassment. They both blushed and looked at each other and then to the ground. Como was absorbing the moment far better than the other two, and stood with his hands behind his neck, whistling a tune. For a miniscule ten or twenty seconds, it was almost complete silence after the kiss.

There was not enough time, however, and Como snapped right back to his normal self, “Alright, Negi! You know what to do, right?”

“Yes, I do Como. Thank you,” and with that, he raised his staff and yelled,

With that, Asuna felt powerful again. More powerful than before. Como explained, “You are now feeling the full effect of a partnership. You feel physical strength, but you may lack in another stats.”

“Like what?”

“Magical defense, speed, physical defense,” Como named off a few possible weaknesses.

“When will I get a card like Seth?” she asked Como.

“After your first battle, you will get your card. This battle is sort of like a test run, the magic has to read your abilities and then put it on the card.”

“Who the heck designed this system!” she yelled. And the yelling attracted the attention, finally, of Evangeline and Chachamaru. “It would make more sense to just have it read you right then, and there!”

“Yes, but normally students at Negi’s age are still in wizardry school and battle against other students, meaning their life is not on the line!” explained Evangeline, finally finding them. She was very angry from the looks of it, and she was still nursing her now twice bitten tongue.

With that, Chachamaru leapt towards Asuna. Asuna dodged Chachamaru’s metallic kick, punching on her Chachamaru missed. Negi cast a quick spell that struck Evangeline, knocking her down for a moment. Negi moved into a combat stance, his legs spread apart. His staff was held behind him diagonally. And so a battle commenced. Chachamaru would try to hit Asuna, and Asuna would dodge and hit back. Negi would cast a spell or be hit by one.
Eventually this pattern was disrupted. Evangeline got closer to Negi now. She had a glow of magic in her hand, as if saving it for an extra powerful attack. Negi started to back up, and with each step, he got closer to the edge of the bridge. Evangeline looked victorious and once he stopped backing up because his feet could go no further, she lunged at him.

Negi saw it coming, but did not anticipate the devastating outcome. He had moved out of the way at the exact moment she was in the air, but he did not account for the fact that she would keep going, right off the bridge.

Both Asuna and Chachamaru noticed her shrieking as she fell off the bridge, and immediately stopped fighting. The shriek was not an annoying one of a witch; it was a terrified one of a little girl. Negi unzipped his jacket and threw it on the ground.

“What are you doing?” asked Asuna, stunned that Evangeline had fallen, and scared of Negi’s answer. And that fear was well placed.

“I am going in after her.”

“Wait! You can’t! Let Chacha-“ but he was gone. Asuna was terrified. He might die, and then what would she do? All she could do is watch him fall into the water in the exact spot where Evangeline was.

Negi crashed through the water, grabbing the now partially unconscious Evangeline. As Negi risked his life to grab her, she said to herself, “The fool, now he will only die... with me.” She realized then, that this boy reminded her of a past love. Not Negi’s father, that fool abandoned her to a hellish prison. No, but someone else. For some reason though, she could not remember for the life of her.

Evangeline awoke moments later. Asuna, Chachamaru, and Negi all stood above her as she regained her consciousness, “What?”

Negi was smiling happily, glad to have at least tried saving her... even though Chachamaru did all the saving, for both of them. Asuna looked quite angry that Negi would do something stupid like that, but now that he was actually alive, she could not help to be happy. She hugged him, and scolded him at the same time. Asuna, however, was not the only one doing all of the scolding.

“Why were you smiling like that?”


“Don’t play stupid with me, Negi boy!” she stood up, finding herself almost as small as Negi was. She had shrunken back to her child self again. The power was back on, “You were smiling pretty strangely! Did you read my mind again?” she demanded an answer.

“Uh, no, I was just-“ he was taken aback.

“Listen, just because you ‘beat’ me,” she did not sound like she was beaten, “does not mean you can just go and do something like that!” and she grabbed Negi by the collar and continued chewing him out.

Asuna and Chachamaru stood behind the scene. Asuna turned to Chachamaru and asked her, “Is she always like this?”

Chachamaru, for the first time, smiled. “No, my data logs tell me that she has never been happier.”
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