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Default Re: Competetive Wifi tournaments?

Originally Posted by criminal456 View Post
Where are they? I am deadly sure that if we had a few competetive battling tournaments in here it would be great and increase the activit dramatically.
The moderators of this section should think of a tournament, i have seen in the past some tournaments and the official ones are always the best.
Also a wifi ranking leaderboards for PO aswell i know this use to be here already but how about re-opening it. My last thought is, Wifi and PO Gyms and elite fours, this will increase the activity but also attract new members from other forums to join.
So please moderators of the wifi battling section, try to make a few of these.
This forum's competitive base isn't as large as other ones, so it can be difficult to get full tournaments, and even harder to get full tournaments of people willing to commit to their completion. PO tournaments are typically made for convenience and ease of participation.
There are plans to restart the battle ladder.
There's already a gym league, it's got it's own subforum;