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Default Re: OPEN; Saraibre Ryu vs. SLC

Round Five

Saraibre Ryu

[Cayci] Galvantula (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 43%
Condition: This isn’t good; +1 Special Attack; 2 Clones
Moves: Screech ~ Swagger


[El Maremoto] Kingdra (F)

HP: 54%
Energy: 72%
Condition: Estoy me enfado; +1 Attack; Paralysed, Disabled
Moves: Dragon Dance ~ Dragon Dance

Cayci had to continue to hammer her opponent into the ground. However, she had to make sure that she could overcome her defences before she did. She turned to look at the Kingdra, who was leaning on one of the larger rocks, and screamed loudly, sending shockwaves in her direction. The dragon shuddered as the waves hit him; she felt her defences ebb away as the shockwaves ploughed into her – she was unable to resist it. The dragon’s power was becoming less with every passing minute and there seemed to be no way to stop it.

Maremoto knew that she had to get her power back up again. In an effort to do this, her trainer had told her to use Dragon Dance; she knew that she should know how to use that move but, for some reason, she couldn’t figure out what to do. Then she remembered that the move had been disabled a little while ago – it was probably still blocked off by that. She cursed as yet another wasted action passed by.

And now it was time for Cayci to even further weaken the once mighty dragon. A red aura grew around the furry spider as it walked arrogantly towards the seahorse; she knew that there was no chance of being defeated if this attack worked – Maremoto wouldn’t be able to hit her. The Kingdra could only watch as the three Galvantula walked towards her, laughing at how weak she had become; this infuriated her beyond belief. Blood rushed around her body, allowing her muscles to work better and increasing her offensive power. However, the anger also clouded her mind so that she couldn’t think straight. The attack was both a blessing and a curse; who knew which would determine the outcome.

Although she now had more power than before, Maremoto wanted more before she went head-to-head with this menacing Galvantula. Fortunately, she could remember how to use Dragon Dance so she was ready to go. She tried to move the small wings on her back to start off the dance: nothing happened. A little unnerved, she attempted to move her tail: still nothing. The paralysis had taken control of her again and she couldn’t move at all. However much she struggled there was no way for her to break free. She roared in fury – she wasn’t happy at all.

Saraivre Ryu

[Cayci] Galvantula (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 35%
Condition: This is still going well; +1 Special Attack; 2 Clones


[El Maremoto] Kingdra (F)

HP: 54%
Energy: 64%
Condition: Odio esta arana; +3 Attack, -2 Defence, +1 Speed; Confused

Screech- (Rolled 15/100, 85 or less to hit; Galvantula -3% Energy; Kingdra -2 Defence)
Dragon Dance- (Fails, Kingdra is disabled; Kingdra -4% Energy)
Swagger- (Rolled 87/100, 90 or less to hit; Galvantula -5% Energy; Kingdra +2 Attack, Confused)
Dragon Dance- (Rolled 97/100, 90 or less succeeds; -2% Energy)

Arena Notes

Team Notes
Saraibre Ryu
2 Pokémon remaining
2 Pokémon remaining

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