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It had been a long, grueling day. This was it. The final battle to determine who was the greatest trainer of all. The warm air swept through as Eishiba stepped through the door and out to take his place on the arena field. The crowd cheered as they had been impressed by his battling skills and victories. His opponent stood across the grass terrain as they both selected their first Pokemon. Eishiba threw it onto the field as it opened and white light emitted and then...


Eishiba woke up laying on the floor of the Pokemon Center. He looked around feeling his head throbbing. He felt a small foot stand on his chest. He saw his Mankey standing over him, clearly angry. It squealed as it obviously wanted Eishiba to wake up. Nurse Joy stood there also saying, "Um....your Pokemon are all fit now."

Eishiba looked at Mankey and said, "What was that for?"

Mankey crossed its arms and stood staring at Eishiba with its dark red eyes. Its tail swung impatiently. Nurse Joy said, "I think it wants to go somewhere. Its been waiting for all night."

"All night?" Eishiba repeated as he looked out a window seeing the sun was coming up. "Sorry to keep you waiting Mankey, I was tired, plus I had a dream. We were..."

Mankey balled its fist and began to raise it. Eishiba got a little nervous, "Ok ok we will get moving." Eishiba said as he stood up slowly. He rubbed his head as he took his other Pokeballs from Nurse Joy.

He walked outside and rubbed his eyes. Mornings sucked! "Just a few more hours..." Eishiba muttered. He looked down to see his Mankey looking up at him as if he had heard that. It screeched and Eishiba said, "Ok, never mind. I'm perfectly ready to go."

Mankey clapped as Eishiba decided to head on out. As Eishiba walked through the town, he realized Mankey was content as it walked along. It looked around curiously, almost child like. Then Eishiba saw Talim. He ran to catch up saying, "Hey where are you headed?"

She said, "Oh I was headed for Cerulean City. They have water Pokemon there and I want to see them."

"Oh, you mean your going to teach that Azurill to swim finally?" Eishiba laughed.

She said, "Oh hush, I just want to go somewhere else. I'm tired of this dirty city." Eishiba had realized how dirty it was here in Pewter City anymore. He had grown used to it, all the dirt and rocky terrain.

The two walked along talking about family and friends and many other interests. Mankey walked quietly along the entire time. As they walked along they came to an open field as the afternoon sun started beating down. In the field stood two figures, each with a mask on. Eishiba and Talim approached slowly.

When they got closer, Eishiba asked, "Are you...people?"

They both stared at Eishiba and Talim. Both of them wore mask similar to the Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling masks. Both wore dark clothing to keep themselves concealed. Both spoke in unison, "Ahead is a cave. The only way to Cerulean City. To get there, you must battle us."

They both took out Pokeballs. Eishiba looked at Talim and said, "Are you ready?"
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