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Default Re: Pokemon Gijinka Academy

Name: Lucy Goldheart

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Personality: Lucy is a fiesty girl. She does whatever she wants. She is not afraid to stand up to anyone. She has a short and fiery temper. She is easily angered and easily offended. But when calm and collected she is very fun and playful. But when it comes to getting things done she is as serious as can be. She can be selfish at times and childish. But still a good person over all.

History: Growing up Sinnoh Lucy was seen as a freak. Her ears and tails would scare the other children. But in her begins of her teenage years she was teased viciously. Which angered Lucy really quickly and her anger made her powers get out of control. She would end up burning others. She was a danger and pretty soon expelled. Her parents were told about the academy and decided to send Lucy there to master her abilities.

Pokemon: Vulpix

Abilities: Conjure up fire from her hands and release streams of fire from her mouth. Can provide heat and light with her fire.

Other: None

Name: Vivi

Species: Vulpix

Gender: Female

Appearance: Same as ordinary Vulpix.

Personality: Vivi is extremely over protective of Vivi and is always watching out for her. She is a kind and caring pokemon. She has strong motherly instincts and feels the need to help those in need.
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