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Default Re: [Open] Beartic Tundra vs. Velocity

Round Two

Beartic Tundra

[Lyssa] Mienshao (F)

HP: 73%
Energy: 88%
Condition: Hadn’t expected to take such a beating; Bound
Moves: Aura Sphere/Meditate ~ Aura Sphere/Meditate


[Princess Elizabeth Glacier-Sparkle the Third] Cryogonal (X)

HP: 59%
Energy: 91%
Condition: Really quite sore
Moves: Switch (Wobbuffet) ~ Mirror Coat

I peeked out from my hiding place to see that Velocity was pulling a poké ball from her pocket. A beam of red light hit Princess Elizabeth Glacier-Sparkle the Third and pulled it back into the ball, where it could be stored safely. The defending knight struggled to keep a straight face as she pulled another ball from the pocket and tossed it into the air. Light spilled out, taking the form of a creature with one foot, a flat tail and slanting eyes. Beartic cursed when he saw the Wobbuffet take form; everyone knew that Velocity loved using her opponent’s strength against them and a Wobbuffet was one of the best pokémon to use for that strategy. This seemed to be about to turn into a very interesting battle.

Lyssa wasn’t at all disheartened and so launched herself into her next attack. Closing her eyes, she was able to focus on her opponent’s aura and build up her own. A ball of rapidly spinning energy grew between the weasel’s furry paws. She fired the orb at Wobbuffet as soon as she was sure it would hit; the attack hit the Patience Pokémon, making him wobble a little. Mr. Troll looked at his opponent – he wasn’t hurt as such but wanted to get back at her all the same.

But before that, Lyssa got another chance to strike him. She had kept her eyes closed after her last attack and continued to build up energy in the palm of her paw; a second sphere grew and was fired at Mr. Troll, who was helpless to avoid the attack. He watched the attack come at him with a large grin on his face, which unnerved the Mienshao slightly. The ball smashed into his face and made him rock back and forth a couple of times as he began to glow.

A white glow surrounded the Wobbuffet as he wobbled; the hit he had taken hadn’t been a big one but it would be good to reflect it and cause a bit of trouble for this cocky weasel. His two bandy arms shot out in front of him as an orb, similar to the one he’d been hit with, grew between them. A second passed while this ball of white energy came up to a decent size, it flew through the air, hitting Lyssa’s narrow chest. She was forced back across the cold, grey flagstones until she was stopped by the chords of tapestry which now bound her to Mr. Troll; the ropes tightened around her, squeezing more of the life out of her. This didn’t seem to be going well for the Mienshao at the moment – maybe the next round would be better.

Beartic Tundra

[Lyssa] Mienshao (F)

HP: 59%
Energy: 72%
Condition: What happened there? Bound (1 more round)


[Mr. Troll] Wobbuffet (M)

HP: 86%
Energy: 95%
Condition: Hehehe

Switch- (Cryogonal switched for Wobbuffet)
Aura Sphere- (Mienshao -8% Energy; Wobbuffet -7% HP)
Aura Sphere- (Mienshao -8% Energy; Wobbuffet -7% HP)
Mirror Coat- (Wobbuffet -5% Energy; Mienshao -14% HP)

Arena Notes

Team Notes
Bertic Tundra
3 Pokémon remaining
3 Pokémon remaining
Cryogonal: 59% HP, 91% Energy

Velocity will post her moves first.

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