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Default Grader Wages - 05/02 - 07/20

The grades that were counted in the BMG Grader Wages of this time period are not here. If you think I missed a grade, please post so I can correct the mistake. :)


Starting the Blaise | Moderate | $6,000


Placidity Ruined | Moderate | $5,500


Crimson Tide | Complex | $40,000

{Your grade got a bit jumbled up a couple of times, such as when you only hit the Enter key once or when tags didn't work. Also, maybe separate each section of the grade better, rather than just italicizing "Grammar" and so on? It's not a problem when its a normal-sized grade, but when you have three whole posts, sections sort of just blur into each other. Some more spacing and/or bolding will make such massive grades look more readable.}

- Kat

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