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Default Re: [WAR X] Pokemon Elemental


Uhhh...I have no freaking idea how on earth this happened, but I can't copy/paste/correct spelling in word all of the time if I right click, it just brings up the normal, non pictured things that are ugly. I have MW10, so most things in it should be pictured. Also, The toolbar is messing up and doing the same thing. My shift and caps lock keys are messing up as well and I set it so Sticky Keys can't turn on if I press shift five times, so I think, until my dad gets back, I might be unable to do anything for WAR, and there is absolutely no telling when my dad comes back, he is a truck driver, after all.

I don'y know if the copy/paste thing is going on any more, but just in case it is...THIS IS A HECKLOAD OF BAD.
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