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Default Re: [WAR X] Voice Acting Event! - Be Heard

Only one entry after two weeks? Well, maybe next year there will be some more adventurous peoples.

Ok LS, while I thought you did a great job speaking and reading off your monologue, I had two big problems with it. First, it was not within the three minute minimum, which I would have overlooked if it weren't for the second problem.
Here is the hard part. You will be creating a 3-5 minute monologue here. Take a story, any story and turn it into your own monologue or a narrative of events. You can use a fairy tale, classic story, or even a story from here on Pe2k. Take on the role of the hero, give the villainís point of view, speak up as an observer who just happened to be there when it all happened....or heck! become the William Wallace of Weaviles. Tell the story as you see it.
What I was looking for was a character -from within the story or watching the story happen- to tell the story. You read off the scene as it was written.
I should disqualify, but seeing you were the only one to give it a shot, I'll be awarding the second place- 2 points to you. Good job though. ^^

That's the end of Voice Acting for WAR this year. Darn. =c
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