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Default Re: [WAR X] Voice Acting Event! - Be Heard

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post
Only one entry after two weeks? Well, maybe next year there will be some more adventurous peoples.

Ok LS, while I thought you did a great job speaking and reading off your monologue, I had two big problems with it. First, it was not within the three minute minimum, which I would have overlooked if it weren't for the second problem.

What I was looking for was a character -from within the story or watching the story happen- to tell the story. You read off the scene as it was written.
I should disqualify, but seeing you were the only one to give it a shot, I'll be awarding the second place- 2 points to you. Good job though. ^^

That's the end of Voice Acting for WAR this year. Darn. =c
If you'll accept a late entry I'll work on one immediately. o:

I spaced on Voice Acting WAR completely.
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