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Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post
(1) Single Battle, 3 Pokémon each.
(2) DQ: Three Days
(3) Damage Caps: 50
(4) Restrictions: - OHKO. Sleep/Poison/Burn. Three
(5) Arena: Haunted Jungle. 50x50 feet. A dark
jungle where dark spririts dwell. It is surrounded
by tall black dark tree with dark purple leaves. It's
so creepy that makes anyone here feel nervous.
Ref rolls during the start of a round:
1-30/100 = A spirit absorbs 3% HP of Pokemon
that takes hit.
31-70/100 = A spirit absorbs 3% energy of
Pokemon that takes hit.
71-80/100 = Spirits make strange sound and
release threatening aura that double the damage
taken by Pokemons during the round.
81-100/100 = round applies normally.
(6) Ref Style: Open

Notify me if you want me to make the thread.
A cree py arena. I'll take it and make the thread. We'll need a referee.