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Default Looking for people to battle (DS)

(I'm pretty sure this is the right area to post this, if not just move/delete/lock it.)
I'm kind of new to competitive battling, and I was hoping to find some people on here that would be willing to battle with me, not necessarily to "train" but just some battling for experience. However if someone would be willing to help me to learn some of the "mechanics"(like tips on prediction, team synergy, etc.) that would be very helpful. If you want to reach me faster for some reason or want to discuss something, just add me on one of the forms of contact below.

Also, I do have pokegen'd(?) pokemon on my ds, and yes I will use them if nothing is said. I do keep them legal(at least to my knowledge). I don't max most of their Iv's, I don't go over the limit of normal EV's, I do not teach pokemon moves they cannot learn, I only use pokemon with their respective abilities and no incompatible moves with dream world abilities(at least as far as I know.)
(If truly necessary I will use legit pokemon, as I do have enough legitimately ev trained pokemon for a team. However they are not fully ev trained and are not iv bred. So I don''t think they're "quality"?)

(By the way I do not have PO so I don't think I would be able to sign up for a tutor because I'm pretty sure that's a PO exclusive thing, hence why I did not post it there.)

My FC: 3052 7643 6143

Forms of contact:
My AIM: despoticaxolotl
My Skype(I am not on this too often): RoadkillPigeon
And of course the forums PM.

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