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Default Re: --->> WAR: X - Sprites<<---

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
Because Sarah told me that Sprite Art gives out 5 points each week, so I just bumped up the winning points by one. :P I didn't know that until after Week one and two were already up. xD

Also, thanks Caleb fo' taking charge of this. <3

These WAR Events will follow the same 5-point format that most sections follow, where 3 points are awarded to the top performer and 2 points are awarded for second place.

How could you miss it, it was right there...xD /Is War Leader, in case people start throwing stones at me for having read through all the text in all the war related stickies.. xD =3/

So a Comic Book... I'm no expert at making those but I'm gonna try tho.. ^^;

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