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Exclamation Light Ball in LeafGreen

So, I am building a LeafGreen team now, in which I would like to include Pikachu. I don't want to evolve Pikachu, but I want it to be as strong as possible so I have been attempting to find a wild Pikachu holding a light ball to give to my current Pikachu.
I have caught 49 Pikachu so far, and I have not found a single light ball. Which is causing me to wonder whether or not light ball is obtainable in LeafGreen. I see no reason why it wouldn't be, but this is getting ridiculous. I know there is a 5% chance, but that means I should have a 1 in 20 shot in finding a light ball, but even after 49 I've had no luck. Does it have anything to do with beating the Elite Four? Because I only have 4 badges so far.

My question: Do I just have terribly bad luck or is light ball just not obtainable in LeafGreen?

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