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Default Re: Sabi's Dream Shop [DW Eevee's are here!]

Originally Posted by Battlestar View Post
I see you desire but I can not throw in a tire.

However I will include a Beldum with perfect Attack IVs!

And if that not enough! I will add in more fluff!

A sneasel with egg move Ice punch!
Hmm...Perfect attack Iv Beldum and the, I'll be nice and agree. What kind of Dw Eevee are you after?

Originally Posted by Morph View Post
would u be interested in a female lax snivy with the ivs 12/31/28/30/31/30 it can be a great parent for breeding yeah i know the nature isnt appealing but look at those iv's
Those are some good IV' have my interest, keep talkin'.
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