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OOC: Female Litwick, please. And I'mma have to BS a lot this post, sorry, I'll bold the attack orders so you don't have to read it all. Also, 85% of this post was written when I was so lightheaded I could swear I was at Deckbi myself XDDD


I watched Ivy carefully as she got to her feet shakily. Haji didn't seem very concerned, but I could see the shaking in Ivy's feet and legs as she cautiously stepped forward. I didn't offer to help her though - she obviously had a problem with me, and that was fine. I didn't need her. My fist clenched but I didn't say anything. Instead, I looked over to Alex to see what he was intending to do next.

"Okay, I'm tired of going up, let's head back down," he said to us.

"Sounds damn good to me," I replied fervently. I had been feeling a slightly increasing tug of disappointment from my mental link to Dual for the past half hour or so, but I'd been screening it out. He knew me that I didn't work well under heat, and Mount Deckbi certainly was hot. In fact, I had nearly promised myself that I was never leaving my air-conditioned office ever again. I could probably do deskwork - it seemed to work for Dee - and at least I'd be closer to all the secretaries.

The thought of secretaries had me look over at Ivy again for some unknown reason. Her eyes were closed and a single bead of sweat was travelling down her forehead as she carefully moved forward one step at a time. Yet again I felt the odd conflicting emotions go to war inside me - a strong desire to go and help my struggling friend and a strange, almost external wish to simply walk off. Screw the Drilbur. Screw the Heatmor. I didn't need any of them. In fact, I hadn't even been planning to come up here today, I'd been dragged along from my nice cool deskchair by the laziest Ranger I've ever had the misfortune to meet, and a young woman who treated me like rubbish and then fell unconscious when she tired of dumping on me. The only plus side of this whole scenario was the occasional wafts of cold coming off Alex's Cubchoo.

It wasn't long before the ground started shaking. I braced my feet, but the spasms weren't too violent.

"Those look interesting. Do you want them?" Alex asked Ivy and me.

I looked around and saw a Rhyhorn ramming a large rock, hitting it with the front of its horn as opposed to the tip. It wasn't trying to destroy the rock, it was trying to toughen its horn - I'd seen this before, many times. To my father's chagrin, a Rhyhorn had been one of the first Pokemon Jathan had tried to breed. It actually worked out quite well, and my little brother had only incurred minimal wounds. The last I had seen of that Rhyhorn, it had evolved into a Rhydon and gone off with one of the Trainer who had passed the farm.

Next to the Rhyhorn, though, was something far more interesting. A small Litwick bobbed a metre off the ground, the second one I'd seen today. I grinned and shuffled my feet - I had remembered being jealous of Ivy for taking the first one, but now it was my turn. I was definitely going to capture this Pokemon, whether Ivy and Alex wanted me to or not.

“Okay, Haji, that Rhyhorn is all yours if Chainy wants to battle," Ivy said. I shot her a look - she was blinking rapidly. Probably eye strain or something.

Even as I finished that thought, I felt like something was wrong. Like that assumption was contradictory to something I already knew. I tried to figure out what it was, but the world was moving in slow motion. My eyes widened and I saw Ivy collapse onto the ground. Darkness welled up around her, and I could swear I was falling. A cold sweat broke out on my forehead and I clenched my eyes shut.

When I opened my eyes, I was on the top of a cliff, watching my two impulses (the wish to help Ivy and the desire to ignore her completely) battle down below me. Waves of light blue water pushed at waves of dark red, and they crashed together, throwing black and white sparks into the air. I felt my eyes well up with tears, and I looked to my right. Dual was standing next to me, his arms behind his back, watching the battle impassively.

<This is your psyche,> he said to me without moving. <You are at war within yourself, and if it wasn't for your mental strength you'd be no better off than Ivy.>

But why? I asked my partner desperately. I felt power flow around me and I tried to grasp invisible tendrils but only air was captured in my grasp. Something feels wrong, but what is it?

<Think!> Dual suddenly snapped, turning to look at me as his sudden yell echoed throughout my head. <None of us have been normal since coming onto this mountain. You put it up to heat or exhaustion or sheer selfishness, but can't you at least tell this force is external?>

What about that God-damned Crobat of hers? I retorted viciously. She knows we're both afraid of them. Why did she bring it?

<Maybe because Haxbat is her friend?> Dual asked incredulously. <Yes, it's true I don't like Crobats. I don't like Flying types in general. But despite my dislike, I never simply shut him out like you have. If you could get over the fact that he's huge and poisonous, you'd see he is a caring person! Didn't you ever think of that?

I... I didn't know what to say.

<Since when have you ever been this hateful?> he yelled. <When have you ever wished to cause anyone harm? I know you never have, because I know you. You're a kind person, someone that I share my power with. If I thought you'd simply ignore our connection then I never would have made it to begin with.>

My eyes tightened and I turned, throwing a fist towards the Gallade. The red water in the canyon below rose with my strike, crashing into the blue and carving straight through it.

A sudden meaty smack caused the red water to literally stop movement. Dual had caught my with his right hand, and he threw one of his own at me with his left. His hard green fist caught me in the shoulder, and I cried out as I sunk to my knees. The flare of pain was agonising but brief. The blue water pushed the ref back to the mid-point, and they continued their wrestling as I sobbed. I looked up at Dual with tears of rage in my eyes and I saw him watching me impassively.

What would you know? I screamed at him. None of this is affecting you!

Dual sighed and kneeled in front of me. <But it is,> he murmured softly, and he looked directly into my eyes. His right eye was its normal red, a slight fire flickering away behind his pupil. His left eye, however, was darker red, the same colour of the waves in canyon. The colour of dried blood. I felt a tingly shock working its way through my body. Finally it made sense. The way Dual held back in his previous battles, his short temper, and even now I could see his muscles clenching and unclenching. Something was affecting us. And if it was affecting us, it was also affecting...

Ivy, I breathed. I got to my feet and clenched my other fist. The blue waves rose and swamped the red ones. They continued to lurk underneath the surface of the lake, but I had them under control. Small strands of blue energy wound themselves through my fist, growing thicker as my determination grew.

Dual smiled and shook his head. <Nice to see you finally using them,> he remarked. <I thought your eyes had been glued shut the moment we stepped onto this mountain.>

I grinned wearily back at my partner. Shut up. And... thanks.

<Any time, my friend.> I felt Dual's hand clap me on the shoulder, and the whole vision began to fade as I returned to the real world. The blackness slowly retreated, and my gaze was still lingering on the collapsed Ivy.

I sprung into action, throwing a PokeBall into the air. It spun a few times before releasing Smash in a quick flash of white light. He rumbled a greeting, but the rumble stopped dead cold when he saw Ivy motionless on the ground.

"She's alright, buddy," I reassured him, "but I have an important job for you. I need you to go curl up around her and keep her cool."

Smash nodded and thumped on over to Ivy, carefully stepping over her. He then lowered his massive bulk and laid on the ground next to her. Light blue - almost white - mist began to seep out of his mouth, and the icy wind wafted over her and surrounded her, cooling her down. I knew this wasn't a simple case of dehydration, though.

She's got the same thing, doesn't she? I looked at Dual, asking for confirmation.

He nodded. <However, the bond between Ivy and Haji is new - she is not yet fully adjusted to it. That's why she is being affected by this more than us.

My mouth became a grim slash as I remembered my linking with Dual. It had been a hellish week-and-a-half - many things had occurred that neither of still really understood. I'd spent most of it half-insane and immobile, and Dual hadn't been much better. Save for the body-swap incident.

That actually hadn't been all bad, I reflected.

I saw Haji standing out in front of Ivy, watching the Rhyhorn carefully. His long forked tail was much stiffer than usual - apparently he still intended to battle the Wild Pokemon.

Are you sure you're okay to do this? I asked the purple cat through a tentative link. Will Ivy be okay?

The cat responded in the affirmative. I couldn't quite make out his words - he was clearly preparing for battle - but I got the feeling that all of what was happening to Ivy was pretty natural. Her brain was shutting down temporarily under the onslaught of new feelings and the strange external one that had been causing us so much trouble. I wondered what it was, but the Rhyhorn looked over at us and the Litwick shot the Rock-type a look. They seemed to come to an agreement, and they moved forward, challenging us.

"Well, that won't do," I said to myself. Unfortunately, I only really had one choice. I didn't want to risk Dual in battle, and Smash was taking care of Ivy. I only had one Pokemon left - it was just a pity he was weak to Fire-typed moves. I threw a second PokeBall out in front of me and my Breloom emerged from the capsule. He was one of my newer acquisitions - a Pokemon that Jathan had sent me. Apparently he was one of my brother's biggest successes. I didn't see it - Joey was a huge pain in the ass with an annoying sense of humour. The Breloom bounced up and down on his powerful legs, clearly enjoying being out in the air. His clubbed tail swung from side to side excitedly and his mushroom-shaped head tilted from side to side as he examined his opponents.

I snapped my fingers to get Joey's attention, and he turned his neck in a sharp twisting motion. His small black eyes watched me carefully, as if debating whether or not to pay attention to me.

"Don't give me any of that funny business," I warned him. "Save it for the battle."

His shoulders fell momentarily, but when he heard he was going to fight he bounced around enthusiastically. I couldn't keep back a small laugh.

"Alright there man, let's start this off nice and slow. You need to be careful of the Litwick's Fire moves, but there's nothing we can do for now about that. What I want you to do is Bulk Up - get ready to deal out some serious damage."

Joey nodded and he tensed his arms like a wrestler. They began to bulge as the flexing brought out his inner power and he prepared to do battle. I felt bad about sending him versus a Fire type, but I actually had a plan for that - I just needed him to get close before I could put it into action.
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