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Smile Re: Pokemon Gijinka Academy

First time role playing!

Human Student~
Name: Kay Sparks
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Personality: Kay is a sweet and shy girl. First time on her own she often is insecure about herself and her appearance. She can be extremely patient yet knows how to stand up for herself. Even if she usually lets others do work for her she tries her hardest though usually messes something up. Above all she loves and is loyal to a fault when it comes to someone she cares about. However it is very hard for her to forgive once she has been double crossed.

History: Grew up in a castle as she is a princess in her hometown, her parents loved and cared for her and tried to protect her from the harsh world. She was sent away from her castle due to prejudice in the kingdom, parents sent her for her own "safety"

Abilities: Metronome without knowing what she's doing or what to expect from it

Name: Baby
Pokemon: Togepi
Gender: Female
Appearance: Regular togepi
Personality: Fiesty, pushes Kay to be stronger
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