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Default Re: Battle Factory Round 1!

Pokeviper Luvdisc -> Breloom
Chain Stoutland -> Machamp
Alaska -> No Change
RouletteDares Gyarados -> Starmie
Tyranitar Masquerain -> Alakazam
Ataro Floatzel -> Starmie
Xali Accelgor -> Dragonite
Nitro Golem -> Blaziken
iReign Cinccino -> Gyarados
Legendary Master Sawk -> Weavile
Bee Crustle -> Crobat
ST Exploud -> Garchomp
Synthesis Qwilfish -> Kingdra
Pidge Simisage -> Espeon
ATF Carnivine -> Metagross
WTP Noctowl -> Slowbro
SLC Vanniluxe -> Salamence
Winter Swalot -> Infernape
Ebail Hippowdon -> Lucario
Fawkes Relicanth -> Mismagius
Brizer Golem -> Infernape
Derian Probopass -> Cloyster
Mubz Sharpedo -> Swampert
TheJRTrainer -> No Swap

People who did not battle were:
[Mention]Muddymudkip[/MENTION] vs SpiderC
[mention]FierceDeity[/mention] vs Ash K
Rainbowkit vs [mention]Team Evolution[/mention]
Eeveedude let Ultra advance

Therefore, FD, MuddyMudkip, Ultra and Team Evolution. goes through and can swap 1 NU for the opponent's OU if they may choose so. Private Message me for your swap from your Opponent's Team. I am only doing this for round 1. This message shall self destruct in 24 hours. If you do not choose a swap in time no swap will be confirmed.
<3 Donny & Sooty you both will always be in my heart :)
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