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Default Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

Red Version:

Articuno lvl 100: (Peck; Ice Beam; Blizzard; Fly)
Mewtwo lvl 100: (Mega Kick; Psychic; Solarbeam; Strength)
Mew lvl 100: (Mega Kick; Mega Punch; Metronome; Psychic)
Alakazam lvl 100: (Recover; Pyschic; Counter; Psybeam)
Tauros lvl 100: (strength; Stomp Earthquake; Take Down)
Venusaur lvl 100: (Cut; Solarbeam; Razor Leaf; Vine Whip)

All level 100's... Thank you missingno.... None of them were legit 100's... & I got the Mew from a game shark...

Was totally pissed when I heard that you couldnt transfer mons from gen I & II games to gen IV...
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