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(OOC: I really don't know how it got so long D: Used Focus Energy, Grass Knot, and Shadow Ball.)


Haji couldn't deny that he didn't completely stop for a moment when he saw Ivy go down.

He quickly scanned her with his mind, but she seemed okay. One probably couldn't tell anything was wrong with her at the moment if they didn't see her unconscious on the ground. At least her mind was settled for a while. She had put up with enough.

While he knew some of this onslaught was from their newly established bond, something he had waited too long to do, the brunt of it seemed to be this mountain and what was happening on it. She and Chainy were conflicting with each other, something, from his understanding, that never happened. Yet here they were being somewhat hostile, at least outwardly on Chainy's part, and getting hurt over simple things that should have been brushed by. Something was making them behave strangely, and though he constantly scanned the landscape, he couldn't detect what it was.

He should have done this weeks ago, if not months. They had been together a somewhat lengthy at this point, and they had gone too long without being connected. Maybe this whole thing could have been averted. She was just so guarded before, and he was always wary. He didn't want it to turn out like... before. But he knew better now. She wasn't like them.

He was more annoyed at Chainy, however much he was able of being annoyed. The man was being an idiot. Haji knew he was capable of much better, yet today he was acting like a sulking child. Brief brushes of the mind told him that Dual was thinking the same. The warrior was planning on making things clearer for Chainy, and Haji hoped it worked. The warrior was suffering as much as the rest of them due to his bond with the other Ranger. If the man didn't straighten out his actions, the Espeon was going to do it for him. Nobody hurt his Trainer.

Haji watched the Rhyhorn's movements with level eyes. They had other issues to worry about too, but Ivy had wanted to battle, so battle he would. While watching, he felt Chainy's inquiries float through his mind. He had forgotten he left the channel open. The man was wondering if he could battle and if Ivy was alright.

“Ivy will be fine,” he said firmly. “Her body shut down to protect her mind, and the same can be said of the mind itself. She was under too much strain. She will rest and recover while her senses have a chance to even out.” He definitely shouldn't have opened the bond here, on the mountain while they were supposed to be investigating. It should have been somewhere safe with less stimulus. It was just so hard to deny her anything anymore, and she had seemed so discouraged. He didn't want her to think he was being distant on purpose.

Chainy released the Swampert again, with instruction to keep Ivy cool. He shuffled across the field, looking worried for the red-headed girl. He stopped just before reaching her, his eyes glued on Haji as if asking for permission. With the slightest nod of his head, the Espeon allowed it. Smash curled up around her, and his damp skin fought off the heat a little bit. It would probably make her more comfortable.

Then Haji had another idea, and he touched the mind of Haxbat. At once the Crobat agreed to his request, and the large purple bat swooped down to them. He landed on Smash's arm, but unlike Chainy, he didn't seem bothered at all. Haxbat crooned softly, seeing his downed Trainer, and then he dropped down into the space created by the Swampert and huddled in close to her. Maybe the familiar contact would help to soothe her, surrounded by friends. From what he understood, they were all the family she had.

So engrossed in his thoughts about his Trainer, he didn't sense the Rhyhorn charging at him. He was struck in the side, and he was sent head over tail as he flopped and skidded across the dusty field. He cursed as his side stung, but he got up and shook his head, needing to see what was going on.

He saw Chainy had released a Breloom, looking eager to battle. The Litwick was in control of that arrangement, however, charging at the Grass-type while coated in flame. She moved faster after that, and Haji decided he didn't like this arrangement one bit.

That Breloom was going to have a hard time with the Fire-type. What was his name? Joey? While ghosts were said to have the upper hand against him, he thought him a better match for the Litwick, at least for a while. He sent a request out to Chainy, informing him of his plans.

“I will distract the Litwick now, to give you time to prepare.”

It was short and sweet, but he didn't wait for a response. He was already going into action. This would probably be a longer combination of skills he was going to compile, but he wasn't worried. Calmness was the key to most things. He had been around long, and though Ivy did not have a lot of time to spend training, he had learned a few things from her that would help. The best way to learn was by doing.

He focused his energy tight, knowing his next attacks were going to have to be controlled. He also opened his mind a bit more, taking in the sounds and feelings from the environment, letting that extra energy seep into him. He was going to need it.

A whisper to the ground below him started his first attack, and he felt the earth respond. He visualized what he wanted to happen. He coaxed the roots deep in the ground to move, willing them toward the Rhyhorn. If all went well, he would be able to trip up the large rock dinosaur if he tried to move again. The bigger they were, the harder they fell. It should also hold him back enough for either Chainy to act or for him to attack the Litwick, which was his next action.

He gathered the shadows around him, and though the sun was beaming, there were always shadows. The darkest place was between two objects, and he fed on that, calling the energy to him as a dark purple, black, and silver ball started to form in front of him. It spun and bobbed in its spot, and he gathered as much strength in it he could

With a little push, he had it hovering in front of him and he took off running, aiming for the Litwick. He was close, and when he judged the distance, he split the large Shadow Ball into two and sent them flying at the ghost, one veering out to make a wide left and the other to the right. He was still running, and he skidded to a stop as the dust flew up around him, watching to see if his attack worked and what everyone would do next.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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