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Much to my dismay, as Joey was flexing his muscles the Rhyhorn roared and began to charge towards Haji. I called out a warning but the cat was too busy concentrating on something. The horn became ensconced with light green energy that exploded outwards as it made contact with the purple cat. He was thrown backwards through the air, but he managed to land on his feet, like all cats did. He didn't look too badly hurt which I was pleased to see - Ivy wouldn't be happy if Haji got severely wounded while she was out of it.

I was too busy watching the Espeon. The Litwick that was my target suddenly flared up and flew towards Joey. The writhing flames that surrounded it expanded as it collided head-on with my Breloom. The fire raced across Joey's body before returning to the Litwick and settling underneath its stubby body, reminding me of the exhaust of a rocket thruster. No doubt that was the Flame Charge technique - a move that Fire types could use to boost their Speed. Like they even really needed to - most of them were fast as hell anyway.

I heard a sudden flapping, and I looked to my left. Haxbat was flying down from the sky and approaching Smash and Ivy. I took a step back, and I could almost feel the red waters of rage swell up inside me. However, I could also feel Dual's eyes watching me closely and I took a deep breath to calm down. The large Crobat settled onto Smash's arm and climbed down to cover the part of Ivy that Smash couldn't reach. I shivered one last time before returning to my spot. I could feel all the hairs on my body standing up on end - there was a massive purple bat not two metres from me for the love of God - but I tried not to think about it, and I definitely suppressed any negative phrases that came to mind. Haxbat wasn't going to bite me or smother me - probably.

Dual rolled his eyes and sighed, but a small smile crinkled his lips upward. That was probably about as far as Chainy was going to get any time soon - he was doing fairly well considering this time last week he'd be screaming and running right about now. He was about to reach through the telepathic link and congratulate Chainy when a sudden spike of the rage fluid rushed through his system. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, waiting for it to pass. It had been the most powerful one yet - whatever was causing it was near. His light green helmet began to glow with a faded light blue nimbus and he bent over the ground, looking carefully amongst the stones.

I didn't notice any of this, though. The very instant I managed to push Haxbat out of my mind Haji contacted me mentally. I was surprised by this - he had been just-noticeably-cold towards me recently, although I couldn't say I blamed him. I was the source of much of Ivy's problems today. If I'd been just a little better, she probably wouldn't be in this situation right now.

<I will distract the Litwick now, to give you time to prepare,> he said before severing the link. I wanted to thank him and tell him that it wasn't necessary, but I wasn't fast enough. He began to glow a weak pink-orange colour, and jets of energy peeled off him in a way reminiscent of the peeling of the skin off a banana. I shrugged - if Haji wanted to take on the Litwick, that was fine with me. I wouldn't be using this time to prepare, though, I'd be using it to attack. I looked over at my Breloom, who had finished stretching. He was bouncing repeatedly from side to side, clearly ready and wanting to attack. I wasn't going to deny him.

"Alright Joey, let's go on the offensive," I called out to him. "Haji is gunna take care of the Litwick for now, so that leaves you the Rhyhorn. Go out there and hit it with a Brick Break, and then follow up with a Giga Drain!"

Joey bounced a couple more times enthusiastically, and then he used the momentum to to fly forward across the ground. His legs struck the ground powerfully as he hopped towards the Rhyhorn, clenching his right fist into a tight ball, ready to cause pain to the Rock-type. I knew he'd hold back to keep the Rhyhorn from fainting - while he had a mischievous and playful nature, he didn't like causing outright harm.
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