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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

If you're afraid of posting names publicly, then PM me, but we need to know who you're referring to in regards to the ASB Trainer Stats board, which is moderated and available so that Players can know what Pokemon a person has, and for them themselves to keep track. Trust me, it's not being 'ignored', for lack of a better term, there just isn't really a set-way that it needs to be moderated. :P

We're working on getting tests up more frequently. About the lack of Reffing/Rangering, in my case, I, honestly, don't really have time to do them. I'm at a point in time where I can only be on the computer for about 1/2 hours at a time and PE2K isn't the only site I check during that time (coughfacebookcough), and while I'm on PE2K, I'm responding to n00b PMs, "How do I get my team for the ASB?" FFFFFFFFFFFFF *rage fit* *twitch* "All registration information can be found here, in the ASB Handbook thread." I swear... I reply to PMs like that at least 10 times a week. Dx Why can't they go bother Justin for a while?! *sigh* Anyway, back to your point. Personally, I only really spend 45 minutes on PE2K a day, though it may be open in a different tab, making me appear to be online. :L Once the school year starts, I'll have more time (lolwat?) to spend on here, since I won't be bounding from computer to computer while juggling my social life and finding ways to earn some moneh so I can punch people in the face at concerts. :'] So yeah, I hope that makes sense. xDD

We're working on that as well, though figuring out who is trusted enough to be given Mod powers is easier said then done. We are in the process of removing Iridium from our ranks and having Elbub take his place, if that makes you feel any better. But I am curious... why exactly do you think that we need more Approvers? :/ All the examples that you listed were things that are posted in the Reg. HQ for Approval, and don't need to be approved instantly; I'm going to start updating the Bank daily to keep that moving, btw. Though I do post in the Reg. HQ with Approvals whenever i see that someone is waiting, but, honestly, whether your Charmander to Charmeleon is approved withing the minute or after several hours, it doesn't really make much of a difference. I can't sit at my computer all day, refreshing the Reg. HQ to see if someone posted so I can tell them that it's Approved or not - stuff like that can wait, imo, since it only takes five seconds to do. If there aren't any Approvers online, then oh well. Exercise patience.

I, too, am someone that only logs into PE2K to be active in the ASB, for the most part - I may occasionally post in the DCC or something, but most of my posts go here. Once I am able to set aside an evening, buckle down, and do some much over-due Reffing, then you can bet that I will, but nights like that are hard to come by. :S I have a life, too and I work fairly hard to try to keep the ASB up and running to the best of my ability, which isn't an easy nor a small task. All I can ask is that you try to be patient, and bear with us/me.

EDIT: About the Ref test's difficulty, did you expect it to be easy? It's not really that hard, by any means, and most of the mistakes people are making are logical errors (getting conditionals wrong, thus messing up the ending Health/Energy). I also found it funny that you said that, "even [CM] had problems with it." XDDD That's like a Theologian saying, "Man, even I found that Psychology test challenging!" They're somewhat related and have a slight understanding of the other, but they are, by no means, experts in each others' field. P:
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