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Originally Posted by The Frozen Prince View Post
This is what I have so far.

Name: Alistar
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Alt: Envoy Visual Alt
Appearance: Donít lie, the first thing you notice about Alistar is the three scars on his face. Iím right arenít I? Well do yourself a favour and donít ask him about them because you wonít like the response. Alistar is very self conscious about the three scars on his face and tries to style himself in a way as to try to hide them. His unusually coloured hair, which seems to be a mixture of gray and brown, is left to do its own accord. He doesnít brush it and only cuts it when it becomes un-practical. He tried to leave it grow as long as possible, hoping to hide the scars but that rarely work. A red bandanna and brown and gray hat are also usually worn in another attempt to hide the horrid marks that scar his face. His piercing brown eyes are the only other noticeable thing about his face. Apart from that, he looks like a regular teenager, even if he is acne free.

Alistar is rather small for a 17 year old, standing at only 5ft9. He has a slim athletic build and tanned skin. He wears a brown shirt that he likes to leave loosely buttoned and several bracelets on his right hand. He wears a pair of dark jeans and practical shoes underneath. Alistar isnít one for fashion but prefers practicality. He wears a chain with a little wooden pendant attached it but this little pendant is his most precious possession.
History: ďPeople always ask me about me about my past and where and come from but all they really want to know is how I got these scars. Well lucky for them, the story of how I got these is the most important day of my life. Itís when everything changed, when I became something more but lost so much. Itís what made me who I am today.Ē

Where am I from, now thatís a tough one to answer when I know it shouldnít be. My parents and I never really had a home, we were always travelling. They were both professors of some kind and had to travel all over the world for their research. I suppose you can say I am originally from the Kanto region because they were and I was born there but we left straight away. Some people donít like travelling, they think itís unfair on me, the child, as I could never have real friends but my had my parents and I collected Pokemon from every region so to be honest, I donít think itís fair to not bring your children travelling. My parents and my Pokemon meant the world to me, they were the only things I had in my life. But last year, while travelling through the Unova region, everything changed, my life changed.

As usual, we were camping beside our larger van that we travelled around in. It was dark and rather misty for a summerís night. Thatís when I heard something, thatís when we all heard something. It sounded like a Pokemon call but the Pokemon didnít seem right. Itís words were all muffled together. My father and mother told me to get into the van so I did but I wish I didnít. As I did, 3 wild Zangooses pounced out from behind a bush and before my parents could reach for their Pokeballs, they were already pinned down, being slashed at. I jumped out of the car, Pokeball in hand but before I could throw it, one had pinned me down. It slashed ferociously at my face, leaving three scars. My parents werenít screaming anymore and I knew that this was the end for me too, until something happened. All most 20 Pokemon came charging out of the forest and were running towards the three wild beasts but they werenít Pokemon were they? No, they were illusions.

One by one the illusions started to fade but one Pokemon remained, a Zoroark. This Pokemon saved my life but there was no way I could repay him. I remember looking down at my parents, both of them covered in blood, their clothes ripped to shreds. I fell to my knees, sobbing like a child but what else was I meant to do? The only two people I loved in my life were both gone, just like that. But when I looked up, they were both gone, only Zoroark remained. He spoke to me telepathically, and told me everything was going to be ok and to follow him. I didnít know where my parents had gone but now I know he merely created an illusion to cover them but I went with him anyway. What else was I meant to do? I had no one I knew in this region and no where I could stay so off I went, following the mysterious Pokemon deeper into the jungle.

A year went by really quickly. Zoroark taught me the ways of illusion. How to bend light into images, how to bend light around you so no one could see you. These powers were too good to be kept a secret. Imagine the good that could be done with them. Put someone like me into the Police force, just imagine the good I could do. Or put me on stage, imagine the shows I could put on! I knew I needed to expose these powers, if not for me then for my parents.
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Assuming you're leaving him with no Pokemon, he is accepted.

Eternal your character is accepted too, just get workin' on Darius. XD
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