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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [SuDs]

Originally Posted by Latisiblings View Post
This is too awesome not to join. Reserve, I'll finish this up soon.

Name: Unknown; goes by the fake name Mammon (though some prefer to call him 'greedy bastard')

Age: Unknown; estimated at 16

Gender: Unknown

Alt: Envoy Touch Alt

Personality: (Before I start the SU, I'd like to tell you that I'll use 'he' to call him in this SU and RP, since it's weird calling a person 'it')

Mammon, as obvious as it is from his pseudonym, is one heck of a greedy kid. In fact, the only motivation 'he' has is money. As long he gets his cash at the end, he'll do any job you want him to do. He doesn't like killing or injuring others because it gets things messy, but that won't stop him from getting his job done. Speaking of his 'job', he can do anything you want him to- assassination, kidnapping, arsonry, theft; you name it, he can do it if you pay him the right amount. And the 'right amount' equals to a gigantic figure, most of the time... but if you want the job finished quickly and with 100% guarantee, then Mammon's your man... woman... thing. Many people question his motives, his age, and other personal information. Guess what? If you want them, you'll have to pay, and a lot.

Outside of his unhealthy interest with money, his personality is generally quiet. Some people think he's just shy, but it's not the truth. He just doesn't like talking much. He also doesn't like being in groups of people, or people in general. He sees most people as a tool for getting money out of.

Obviously, with all this business with money going on, he's pretty suspicious of everyone, especially his business partners. Those he trusts are far and few between, but anyone who gains his friendship has a loyal and trustworthy (although seemingly reluctant) friend, coming at a time of need. Although he may act aloof, he deeply cares about those he do. Too bad there are barely any of them.

Appearance: [Pic’s allowed but text still required]
History: [Optional, Alts at least mention how your Illusion training began and went.]
I don't get how a gender can be unknown... surely he/she would know? Like he/she must have something down there XD

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