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Default Re: Foxamivalth VS Elecii

Two trainers stood on the sandy banks of a beautiful beach. The wave were gentle, just adding movement to the surface. The breeze was nice and cool. Seemed like the perfect day for a battle. Both trainers threw their PokeBalls into the air, releasing their chosen partners from the spheres to get this battle underway. Both sides sent out a water-type first. This would defiantly be an interesting battle to watch.


[-] Piplup ()
Ability: Torrent
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Stats: none
Moves: Whirlpool ~ Bubblebeam

[Ohaithere] Mudkip ()
Ability: Torrent
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Stats: none
Moves: AncientPower ~ Yawn

Both water Pokemon stared at one another, one resembling a penguin and the other some sort of reptile. However, the bird Pokemon went first. Piplup concentrated his energy, and then raised his wings upwards. Above his head, water started to form and swirled. After a moment it was clear that it was a whirlpool. He then moved his wings so that he pointed at the Mudkip in front of him, and the whirlpool followed the motion. It launched at the opponent, surrounding him with water. Ohaithere was tossed around before released, but the attack was still in affect. It just let up so that the opponent could make a move.

[Whirlpool: Piplup -3 energy; Ohaithere -6 HP]

After shaking off the water on his body, Ohaithere was ready to make his move. His body started to glow, and a few moments later a glowing sphere formed in front of him. With a twist of his head, he launched it at Piplup. The bird wasn't fast enough to dodge, so he was hit and knocked back a bit. It was nothing he couldn't handle. Ohaithere then felt the rare affect of the move he just used. Everything about him seemed to improve, giving him more offensive and defensive powers.

[Ancient Power: Ohaithere -13 energy, Piplup - 8 HP
Ohaithere +1 ATK, +1 DEF, +1 SPD, +1 SPATK, +1 SPDEF]

With the boost he got, Ohaithere made his next move before Piplup could recover from the AncientPower. However, he wasn't looking for an advantage of having more health. Now he was thinking a bit on strategy. He parted his jaws, and a bubble appeared. It left his mouth and floated to Piplup. With he saw the bubble, he wasn't sure what to make of it. He poked it with his wing, and it popped in his face. After a few blinks, he then felt a little drowsy and yawned. Ohaithere smiled, knowing that it was all apart of his plan.

[Yawn: Ohaithere -2 energy; Piplup asleep in two actions]

After shaking his head, Piplup was ready for his next attack. He ran towards Ohaithere, wanting to get in a little closer. It seemed to make the Mudkip think it was a physical attack, but if he could Piplup would smirk. He parted his beck and then shot out a stream of bubbles, almost perfectly lined up. The rapid fire hit Ohaithere, and again he had water on his skin. He didn't mind it, but in this case he was a little annoyed since two of his opponent's attacks left him wet.

[Bubblebeam: Piplup -8 energy; Ohaithere -9 HP]

When both were waiting on commands, Whirlpool was in affect again. The water came out of nowhere it seems, and again surrounded Ohaithere. It knocked him around once again, and disappeared after he became a little dizzy. He didn't like this. He was feeling weaker, and knew that he had taken more damage than his opponent this round of the battle. Piplup laughed, but it was soon interrupted by a yawn. The bird Pokemon was wondering why he was so tired all of a sudden, and was beginning to think it had something to deal with Ohaithere's last attack. The Mudkip smiled, knowing it wouldn't be much longer now until he can get the upper hand.

[Whirlpool: Ohaithere -6 HP, trapped for 4 more rounds
Yawn: Piplup asleep in 1 action]


[-] Piplup ()
Ability: Torrent
HP: 92
Energy: 89
Stats: none

[Ohaithere] Mudkip ()
Ability: Torrent
HP: 79
Energy: 85
Stats: +1 ATK, +1 DEF, +1 SPD, +1 SPATK, +1 SPDEF
Piplup SPD @ 40; Ohaithere SPD @ 40; rolled 1/2 (Piplup moves first)
Whirlpool: 32/100 (85 or less to hit), 2385/10000 (625 or less for critical), 1/8 (hits for 5 rounds)
AncientPower: 1/10 (boost in stats); 2147/10000 (625 or less for critical)
Piplup SPD @ 40; Ohaithere SPD @ 60
Bubblebeam: 8078/10000 (625 or less for critical), 5/10 (no stat change)
Foxamivalth, your moves please?
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