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(OOC: Beeeee, Haji is a boy >.<)


Haji took in deeper lungfuls of breath as he recovered from the Flame Charge. Luckily, his plan more or less worked the way he envisioned it. He didn't expect to not receive any damage, since that was the gamble in battle. The little ghost didn't get to finish her attack though, and that was beneficial.

The Breloom was also able to take advantage of the type superiority over the Rhyhorn as well, using his grass moves to recover his strength. If Joey was going up against the Fire-type, Haji knew he would need it. The Espeon was satisfied with how this was turning out, however, so he was hoping Ivy would be pleased when she woke up.

One of the Ranger's Lucario was trying to heal his Trainer with a pulse, but Haji knew it wasn't going to work. Her mind was too stressed and too weakened for her to respond to any type of medicine. Her body was going to have to work itself out, so all they could do was wait. Although, if she stayed unconscious too long...

Haji shook his head and sealed off his own dark thoughts. Ivy would be fine. He would make sure of it one way or another.

He eyed up the Rhyhorn debating what he would do next. He could trust Chainy and Joey would take care of the Litwick, so that meant he had his own opponent to baffle. A flick across his mind revealed Dual searching for something a little ways away from him, though Haji didn't know what it was. A memory came to him then, one of a small box found on the Virizion statue in the Gardens. He remembered when Ivy discovered it lodged there, and it had been emitting some sort of signal. Poachers work no doubt. Quickly, he forwarded the scene to the Gallade in case it helped. He had a feeling poachers were involved here also. They were acting way too strangely for it to be false.

The Rhyhorn snorted, and Haji just stared at him levelly. The horn was what he really needed to watch out for. His twitching side was proof of that. The creature was very powerful if he got enough momentum behind him too, so the trick was going to be distracting him quickly so he couldn't make up his mind.

He was going to need speed for this. His Quick Attack should do. He eyed up the field again and saw a few rocks somewhat ringing around where the Rhyhorn was resting. He could make it from one to another fast enough, judging the distance between them. That gave them an arena like setting.

He thought he'd try Grass Knot again too. The roots responded well before, and this time he thought he could make a very interesting web. He reached out with his senses to stir the plants to life again. This time, he would have them follow him around the rocks, weaving through the makeshift arena. He would be able to go from post to post, even jumping over the Rhyhorn he thought.

Sooner or later, there would be enough of the roots to trip the Rhyhorn up, and he would give them energy to surge and trap him in one spot. If he wore the rock dinosaur out enough, he may not fight back as fiercely. Then he would concentrate his mind and unleash a Psybeam. That particular attack he could manifest in rings of energy that would hit just like one of the elemental beams. The psychic ones wore down on the opponents energy and messed with their mind.

He would have to get out of the way soon after though, and he would have to dodge if the Rhyhorn got a burst of speed or managed to break though the vines. Still, he was satisfied with the plan. It should keep the Rhyhorn busy enough so Joey could focus on an attack from just one area.

Haji hunched down on all four paws as he readied his sprint. The Espeon was fast. He could do this. Ivy would've believed he could. He narrowed his mind to the Rhyhorn, and he sent the barest of whispers through the Rock-type's mind. “Chase me.”

Then he charged.


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