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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [SuDs]

Btw, got two more coming.

Name: Stella Marino

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Alt: Shade; Vision

Personality: Stella is rather cold when it comes to the concern of others. She cares nothing for people's troubles and grievances and is quite annoyed when they complain while she's in earshot. She hardly voices any pain of hers and keeps secrets locked behind her teeth, so she'll never tell more than she thinks you need to know. She is smiling often, usually in some form of grim amusement, and she speaks kindest to her pokemon. Her coldness comes even to the battlefield, she doesn't care how much she hurts other pokemon, which has a caused a ruthlessness which has made her infamous, her pokemon have picked up on this and are just as ruthless as their trainer. She enjoys confusing people with her illusionary abilities, making people see things or taking away their sight just to watch their discomfort.

Appearance: Stella prefers a more gothic and lolita style of dressing, her most prominent wear being her boots and hat. She has a fondness for fishnet armwarmers and plaid skirts, and has several pairs of the latter. Even though she often wears plainer clothing instead of the formal dresses and gowns she grew up used to, she has such a way of standing that she could be dressed in torn rags and still look like a queen. She has pale skin, emphasized by her black clothing, and a pair of startling gray eyes. Her hair is black and straight as a rod, going down to her waist. It seems that if one gets close enough to her the very air seems chilly, as if Stella's cold demeanor affects even the temperature, but in reality it is her Mismagius, Lola. Stella keeps her out of her pokeball, but she is almost always invisible and trails beside her owner.

-Mismagius (Lola) F
-Spinda (Sunbeam) M
-Hauntar (Lazarus) M
-Claydol (Imperia) I know they're genderless but Stella says it's a female
-Metagross (Caligula) Same thing but he's a male
-Honchkrow (Isis) F

History: Stella grew up in a rich mansion with quite a large family, and was the third oldest in a line of eight children. Her parents demanded that their children have a proper upbringing, and schooled them in how to be proper gentlemen and ladies and refused to see them in plain clothes that were for the "lower class". The Marinos did not interact with their children very much, not in the familial sense anyway. Rather than seeing them as sons and daughters, they treated their children more like miniature copies of themselves that they could parade around so their neighbors could see what a lovely upbringing they had. Most of her siblings accepted this, but when Stella started her schooling and was learning how to train her own pokemon she saw how happy many of her classmates seemed a lot happier and carefree than she. As the years went by, Stella grew more and more detached from her parents and siblings until she outright started defying them. In the process she grew closer and closer to her pokemon until they were the only ones who really knew her.

Her family said a few things here and there, but the final straw came on one Christmas vacation when Stella came home wearing a long V-necked black dress that had no back, a black spiked choker and fishnet gloves. Her parents nearly had a heart attack and ordered that she change into something more presentable, but she replied that she had sold all of her clothes to replace them with her new wardrobe. They sent her to her room and were planning on bringing out some old dresses for her to wear, and she overheard them talking about sending her to boarding school. However, Stella had enough too, and as soon as her parents' backs were turned packed her bags, left through her window and ran away into the wilderness.

She did not get very far. She was found by a Zoroark who saw that she had the potential to be an illusionist so he kidnapped her just like that. Stella was terrified at first, meeting with the pokemon she had never seen before and could control illusions, but she eventually learned that the only way that she could escape was to learn the ways of illusions. Once she put her mind to it she became a dedicated student, and because of her affiliation with ghost pokemon she understood better than some how the world was susceptible to change. Her master taught her how to manipulate one's vision. She could make them see things, or take away things they could see, even going as far as taking away their sight completely. Stella liked using her powers all the time, until it became like a game to her almost. She would sometimes blind animals and laugh as they scuttled around in terror. Her childhood had already made her cold and careless to many, and her isolation—with only her harsh teacher and her pokemon for company—turned her heartless.

When she was released from her training and introduced to the other Alts, she had little care for them. She cared only for herself and wanted to run her life the way she wanted it and refused to be a puppet in a war. she quickly left and wandered, using the extensive money in her parents' and her own bank accounts to survive. On some occasions she enters tournaments for the prize money, but she usually keeps a low profile and quietly uses her illusions to her advantage.

Name: Keitaro Kimura

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Alt: Non-Alt

Personality: Even though he's blind and therefore handicapped, Keitaro is forever polite and patient with other people, which could be an influence from his older cousin whom he spent a lot of years with. He was taught to be kind to others, and he is not bitter in the least about his disability. He does hate it when people think he's weaker because he's blind, and he often shows people that they are wrong, but it still hurts him even though he never shows it. He's quiet and solitary, usually the one who sits in the back ground and listens until people forget he's even there. Amazingly, even though he seems so quiet all the time, he has a mischievous and sly side to him as well. He know he irritates the hell out of Stella, yet he deliberately says things that he knows will get on her nerves and laughs about it. He's also quite good at sneaking around and learning things; being blind, many people disregard him but he hears very well.

He has a soft spot for his protective and somewhat motherly Gardevoir, Tsubaki. He bears her fussing over him with an amused patience and it's rare for him not to be smiling when she's around. The two seem to get along extremely well, even if Tsubaki worries over him like a mother hen. The one thing people learn quickly is to not harm Keitaro or even seem threatening towards him, or else Tsubaki will quickly deal will you in the most quick and painful way possible.

Appearance: This looks like him, but his eyes are closed behind his glasses. His excuse is that when he wears glasses, people tend to notice his eyes first and therefore they'll notice that he is blind much sooner. Keitaro is tall and thin, and rather pale; he is never without his Garedvoir, but if there is the rare occasion that he is unavailable his Lucario guides him around. He wears a white t-shirt with a dull gray button-up jacket over it and gray cargo pants, although he does have more formal clothes to change into if the situation requires it. He gets cold easily so he has a scarf wrapped around his neck for extra warmth. His hair is black, like ink, and falls into his eyes often.


-Gardevoir (Tsubaki) F
-Lucario (Hannibal) M
-Froslass (Lilian) F
-Venomoth (Reno) M
-Castform (Princess) F
-Carracosta (Archelon) M

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