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I looked off to the side and realised that a Lucario was standing over Smash and Haxbat, Soft pink waves were floating down from its extended paws, enveloping the pair of Pokemon in a Heal Pulse. It wouldn't work, though - Ivy's troubles were mental, not physical. I knew better than anyone exactly what she was going through. I'd gone through the exact same thing, although to a different extent - whether greater or lesser I could not say. I should have seen it, I should have noticed what she was going through, there were no excuses -

<Easy, James,> Dual said through our mind link. <It was not entirely your fault.>

Yeah, I know... I replied uneasily. I shifted my gaze away from the Lucario towards where Dual was. I was quite impressed with Alex's ability to train and control the rare Fighting-type Pokemon - I had only ever seen one before, the Lucario that resided in Veilstone Gym, under the control of my elder brother, Jakk. He had closed the Gym and gone up into the high mountains of Sinnoh in order to locate one. It had taken all of three weeks of living in the wild to prove to the local tribe that he was worthy, and he had defeated the Lucario in hand-to-hand combat. Barely.

To my surprise, Dual was not at my side. I cast a quick look around to try and locate my friend, and I saw him out on the battlefield, which was strange. He was a warrior Pokemon - he knew not to interfere in the fights of others. This was strangely out of character for him. I suddenly remembered the red waters - perhaps he was being swamped by them?

Dual, you okay, buddy? I asked.

He sent me a set of images in reply, ones that he informed me silently were from Haji. They showed Ivy discovering a small rectangular gadget on a state of Virizion in the Botanical Gardens. She wasn't a technological whiz like me, but she'd known enough to tell that it was a transmitter of some sort. The pictures sparked a memory, one of an expedition I had taken to the Gardens myself. I'd found some strange people using a similar device to control a real Virizion, and they had unleashed it on my Trainer and me. Luckily, my Trainer was a skilled battler, and he'd been able to hold the Legendary Pokemon off while I apprehended the culprits, but an unnamed someone had paid their bail on the mainland and they'd disappeared without a trace.

My thoughts were interrupted by a meaty smacking sound. I looked over in the battle's direction and I saw that Breloom had made contact with the Rhyhorn. He punched the large rhinoceros viciously on the shoulder, but the large Rock-type pushed back at Joey with its large horn. Joey was thrown backwards into Dual and the pair of Fighting-type Pokemon fell to the ground in a jumble of limbs. I couldn't suppress a laugh.

I warned you, I couldn't resist sending to Dual.

<Shut up,> he replied sourly, pushing Joey off of him and getting back onto his feet. He dusted down his legs and continued his inspection of the area.

I grinned and looked over at Haji. For all of his usual complexity in attacking - he'd done fancy stuff with Grass Knot, one of his favourite moves - the Litwick had responded to his Shadow Ball attack with another simple headbutt, albeit one wreathed in flame. Haji didn't look too badly injured but he was panting pretty heavily. I could tell by the way he was looking at Rhyhorn that he was going to attack it. That meant it was the Breloom's turn to go after Litwick - hopefully the Fire-type wouldn't cause Joey too much damage. In fact, the only way to capture this Litwick would be to do more damage to it than it could do to Joey.

"Alright Joey, start this off with a Swords Dance," I called out.

Joey began to flex his muscles again, but this flexing was different to the Bulk Up - instead of gently stretching and empowering his muscles, he was forcing his muscles full of energy, almost to the breaking point. It was different to Dual's Swords Dance, but not any less effective. His motions were short, sharp and sporadic as opposed to graceful and smooth.

As Joey used Swords Dance Haji shot off towards the Rhyhorn. It would have been nice of him to let me know in advance, but his lack of doing so cemented my suspicions that the Espeon was angry with me. I didn't like being on bad standing with someone so close to Ivy, but there was nothing I could do about that right now. I felt a small nudge from Dual so I opened our connection wide. I immediately gasped.

Dual was sending me a stream of what he was looking at in real time. A small black rectangular device was carefully wedged underneath a flat rock. A red light was blinking repeatedly, about three times every second. Even as Dual reached down to pick it up our link wavered, and the red waves roared up again inside both of us, threatening to force our connection to close. We held on though, and Dual managed to pluck the device out from its hiding spot. He reversed it and a white button stuck out against the stark black plastic. He pressed it and suddenly the red waves lessened in intensity. They didn't go away completely, but they certainly receded.

My guess is these devices somehow induce anger or insert it externally into Pokemon, and because Ivy and I are linked to Haji and you we've been feeling it as well, I said.

<I would surmise the same,> the Gallade agreed with me. <I can't be sure - proximity to the devices seems to affect their intensity - but I would guess there are three or four of these in the general area.

General area?

<Well, within walking distance.>

That means there wouldn't be more than thirty or so across Deckbi in its entirety, I mused. Great job, Dual. Bring it with and I'll include it in my report. We'll go out and hunt them all down tomorrow.

<Why not today?> he asked.

Well, we're on a run, so we can't do it right now, I replied, and I'll be buggered if I'm working once we're done.

<Fair enough.>

I realised that Joey had finished his Swords Dance and was waiting for an attack order. I knew I couldn't rely on him to do another status move so soon, which was a pity. I wanted to hurry up and capture this Pokemon so I could check on Ivy. I'd have to leave that for now, though.

"Joey, send a Rock Slide towards the Litwick!" I called out.

Joey bounced happily on his hind legs a couple of times. The third time he came down to earth, he slammed his clubbed tail down at the exact same instant his legs made contact with the hot earth. The sheer force of his attack caused a small crater in the ground, and a spiky line of rocks began shooting towards the Litwick. They thrust up out of the ground, looking a lot like someone was drawing a line in a nailboard. The line of rocks progressed quickly towards Litwick - the Fire type would take a lot of damage from the Rock-typed attack but it should not KO, especially considering Joey himself was not a Rock type. Only time would tell if the damage was enough for me to consider a capture.
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