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I could hear Alex muttering something to his Lucario - something about his elder brother. I couldn't make out what it was, but something about the way the Lucario was looking at him reminded me of an earlier run. Leo had a Lucario too - I'd probably forgotten it because it was so similar to this one. In fact, I was pretty sure it was the same Lucario. The last one had been named Scamper - I was about to reach out mentally towards the Steel-type when I realised if the Lucario didn't want me rooting around inside its head I could be unceremoniously forced out. I'd once tried to force myself inside a Gengar's head - Dual had been wiping drool off my chin for a couple days.

The Litwick moved closer to the Rhyhorn, and the Rhyhorn opened its mouth wide. A large rock shot out of its gullet and a small tongue of fire lanced from the Litwick's thruster flame towards the projectile. The fire spread across the rock like it was covered in pitch. The rock flew towards Haji and collided with the cat, sending him flying backwards. A second missile crashed into Joey, but he at least wasn't thrown back.

As both Pokemon struggled to return to their feet, I thought about how well the pair were fighting as a team. Before now, I would have felt guilty that Ivy and I weren't displaying that synergy, but now I knew better. It was a little upsetting that Haji wasn't happy with me but since I couldn't say I blamed him I pushed it out of my mind. Hopefully he'd calm down and when Ivy came around she wouldn't be too messed up.

Haji returned to his feet, and using his Quick Attack he jumped from rock to rock around the pair of Pokemon. Grass and weeds rose up from the ground and smashed through the rock, creating a pen from which the Rhyhorn couldn't escape. The Litwick easily floated over the Grass Knot, but it was knocked out of the air by Joey's Rock Slide attack. The fast-moving line of rocks smashed into the little Candle Pokemon, dropping it to the stony ground.

Haji leaped over the Rhyhorn and the vine tendrils smacked into the Rock-type. He then turned and launched a multi-coloured blast of energy towards the Rhyhorn, forcing it to stumble backwards. The Rhyhorn was looking pretty tired, and now that I thought of it, so was the Litwick. The time to capture it was now. I wasn't sure how Ivy was going to capture the Rhyhorn - maybe Haji was going to levitate the Ball?

Haji, do you need help with the capture? I can assist you if you do, I offered gingerly.

I didn't get an immediate response from the Espeon but I didn't expect one. Besides, my first priority at the moment was the capture of the Litwick. Luckily, I knew just how to do it. Joey wasn't particularly suited to combination attacks, but there was one he'd managed to perfect, through much training on his part and much patience on mine.

"Good job, Joey!" I called out. "Now, one final attack. Hit that Litwick with a Bullet Spore!"

Bullet Spore was a combination of two of Joey's trademark moves. Spore was a famous move, the most accurate sleep-inducing move known to all of Pokemon-kind. It was even more powerful than Darkrai's legendary Dark Void attack. It used small spores and motes of DNA to send the target to sleep. It was related to the much more common Sleep Powder, but the move was much more potent - and limited. Only four different evolution families were capable of learning the move - Paras, Breloom, Foongus, and the dark horse Smeargle.

The second move was Bullet Seed, which was not an uncommon technique. Many Grass type Pokemon were able to learn this attack, but the problem was it relied on many projectiles to deliver small amounts of damage. In practise, this usually meant that a simple Energy Ball did more damage than a large Bullet Seed spray. This was not true in Joey's case - his Technician ability meant that weaker attacks were more powerful. That meant that in certain situations the weaker attack was often the better one. For example, his Force Palm technique often did more damage than his Brick Break attack.

Still, even with its power increase, Bullet Seed wasn't incredibly strong, and it was at a disadvantage being used on a Fire-type. This attack wouldn't be enough to knock the Litwick out. Besides, Bullet Spore didn't entail striking the target itself - the seeds would be aimed at the environment around the Pokemon I wanted asleep.

Joey opened his mouth wide, preparing to spray glowing white shells at the Candle Pokemon. Instead of trying to hit the Litwick with rock-hard seeds, the Breloom was filling hollow shells with the small motes that made up his Spore attack When he had a nice amount ready - twenty or so - they'd buzz through the air towards the Litwick, hopefully cracking open on the ground and putting it to sleep. Of course, if a couple of the seeds made contact and the Litwick was damaged a bit more, I wouldn't complain. I pulled out a Park Ball from my pack, and prepared to throw it at the Litwick. I also sidled a little closer to the huddle of sleeping Pokemon in case Haji wanted (or needed) my help.
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