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Default Re: SLC vs Jesse


The field was stereotypical. It was sky above dirt on grass on rock on magma on rock then dirt then grass again. The sky was suitably cloudless, shedding no variety whatsoever on the sight of two people facing each other on the field while a young girl sat idly by in a lawnchair reading some book that nobody cared to know the name of.

"Send out your Pokemon!" she called, without bothering to look up from the text. "Challenger first, if you please!"

These endless fields of short grass are getting on my last nerve, thought the referee. However, she hid her comments as the challenging Trainer readied his Pokeball.

He tossed it through the air with an expert hand, sending the sphere spinning onto the grass. The Pokeball bounced up in the air, then snapped open, letting out a beam of bright red energy. The beam formed a vague blob of red light, which in turn formed into the silhouette of a short, draconian creature. The red leached away, revealing that the bipedal dragon was covered in gray scales from the legs down, excepting the three red spots on its belly. Its upper half was protected by leathery green plates. Its mouth was dominated by long, red-tipped tusks. La Tormenta the Fraxure snarled threateningly to show how powerful she was, narrowing her crimson eyes and flexing her sharp claws.

The other Trainer gave his choice a moment of consideration before sending the Pokemon out. From the Pokeball he tossed came a significantly smaller, cuter, and happier creature than Fraxure. It was a Skitty: silken pink coat, cream-colored belly, stubby paws, closed eyes, thin tail with a random bulb on the end. The Skitty called her name out in a squeaky voice, landing neatly on the ground. "Skit skit!" she cried. Her eyes were half-closed, but she could see the snarling Fraxure in front of her without any trouble at all. Sensing an imminent battle, she poised herself for a leap. "Skit!" she mewed a challenge. "Frax!" Fraxure replied.

"Let the battle begin!" called the ref before immersing herself into the book once more.


[La Tormenta] Fraxure (M)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: This should be over soon.
Scratch ~ Taunt


[-] Skitty (F)
Ability: Cute Charm
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Ready to give all she's got.
Fake Out/Charm ~ Wish

Skitties usually maintained a delicate, nimble stride; however, in this case, such daintiness was tossed aside. Mewing, squealing, and purring with unfiltered joy, Skitty bounded through the grass - which her face barely cleared - and at La Tormenta. The Fraxure stared at the spasmodic pink furball with confusion. Skitty obviously wanted to play, but this was a battle. La Tormenta didn't know what to do, but Skitty seemed pretty harmless; he suffered her approach. Skitty stopped running a few feet in front of La Tormenta, switching to a quick walking pace. Still smiling and purring as loudly as possible, she walked fearlessly up to her opponent. She stopped suddenly and whirled fast, slapping Tormenta across the face with her tail. Tormenta stared at his still-smiling opponent in shock, utterly forgetting that he was supposed to be attacking Skitty rather than rubbing his bruised face.
[Fake Out: La Tormenta, -5% HP; Skitty, -4% Energy]

La Tormenta shook her head, growling angrily at Skitty for tripping her up. Now Tormenta would return the favor. He lowered hie head, meeting Skitty's narrow gaze with his own red eyes literally glowing. He grinned devilishly, showing his sharp teeth. Then, he began to laugh at Skitty; still holding her gaze, he laughed as derisively as he could, pointing contemptuously at the little cat. Tormenta's eyes continued to glow, filling Skitty's mind with a very uncharacteristic emotion: rage. Tormenta's insults were infuriating, and Skitty could feel her blood churn with vengeful wrath. However, she had no way to unleash her anger at the moment - which only frustrated her further. Feeling helpless, she growled the best she could at La Tormenta, who was still chuckling at the farcicality of the battle's matchup, and at Skitty's obvious frustration.
[Taunt: La Tormenta, -6% Energy]


[La Tormenta] Fraxure (M)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Health: 95%
Energy: 94%
Status: This is quite the funny battle.


[-] Skitty (F)
Ability: Cute Charm
Health: 100%
Energy: 96%
Status: Smoldering with anger. [Taunt, two more actions]

Ref Notes
Fake Out's Crit Roll was 22, with 1-6.25 critting.
Taunt lasts for two more actions.
What am I forgetting?
This battle was boring. Oh well.

SLC, your moves please.
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