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Default Re: Moonkit--Oshawott--Forest


[AoiAki] Oshawott (M)
Ability: Torrent
Health: 72%
Energy: 77%
Razor Shell


[-] Murkrow (F)
Ability: Insomnia
Health: 71%
Energy: 85%
Wing Attack

Murkrow scowled at AoiAki, then flapped her wings, getting back into the sky. She stopped rising at the treetops, then cawed a battle cry. She then turned toward her Oshowott opponent, going into a shallow-yet-fast dive with her inky wings outstretched. As she came down, she pulled up slightly so that she was flying parallel to the grass. Her right wing began to leave little white trails of energy, and it was this wing that she smacked against Aoi's face. The little otter fell backwards with a squeal, then sat up and began to petulantly rub his bruised face with a stubby flipper.
[Wing Attack: AoiAki, -13% HP; Murkrow, -6% Energy]

But AoiAki was not going to take this lying down. He rose to his paws, then smiled at the thought of his next attack. He plucked the shell from his belly, then let out a battle cry and ran forward, toward his feathered opponent. The shell seemed to respond to his anger; it sprouted a new, curving, this trail of glowing blue energy. Murkrow let out a caw of surprise but was too slow; there was no time for her to get away, and she cawed again - more loudly - as AoiAki slashed the shell's energy trail across her body. AoiAki leaped back, restoring his shell to its proper place, and left the Murkrow in a cloud of her own flying feathers.
[Razor Shell: Oshawott, -10% Energy; Murkrow, -13% HP]


[AoiAki] Oshawott (M)
Ability: Torrent
Health: 59%
Energy: 67%


[-] Murkrow (F)
Ability: Insomnia
Health: 58%
Energy: 79%

Ref Notes
Wing Attack's Crit Roll was 89, with 1-6.25 Critting.
Razor Shell's Accuracy Roll was 27, with 1-95 hitting.
Razor Shell's Crit Roll was 43, with 1-6.25 Critting.
Razor Shell's Effect Roll was 78, with 1-50 lowering Murkrow's Defense.

1. Attack
2. Capture
3. Flee

You have 26 Safari Points left.
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