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Default Re: 3m0d0ll - Hitmontop - Forest


[Akasimo] Hitmontop
Ability: Technician
Health: 89
Energy: 89

[-] Delcatty
Ability: Cute Charm
Health: 72
Energy: 97

Akasimo suddenly began to spin. He began to move about in a strange pattern that seemed to confuse the large cat pokemon watching it. It suddenly charged at the cat. It's spinning feet began to hit the Delcatty one by one, and sent her spinning around. He began dizzy, and the kicks left his shoulder sore.
[Rolling Kick; Hitmontop: -4 Energy | Delcatty: -14 Health]

He however quickly recovered himself. Hitmontop had stopped spinning in order to gain some balance and stop himself from getting to dizzy. Using this chance the Delcatty slapped him with his tail, then once again when her tail came back to it's original position. It was able to do this twice before Hitmontop could pull away.
[Double-Slap; Delcatty: -1, -1 Energy | Hitmontop: -2, -2 Health]

[Akasimo] Hitmontop
Ability: Technician
Health: 85
Energy: 85

[-] Delcatty
Ability: Cute Charm
Health: 58
Energy: 95


1- Attack.
2- Attempt capture.
3- Run.

You have 21 Safari Points left.