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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Stella Marino and Keitaro Kimura
Shade of Vision; Non-Alt
Castelia City
Affected RPers: Sabi and Winter

Stella smiled as Lola's Shadow Ball took out some of the Palpitoad, but it vanished when she saw one of the trainers turn toward her. She looked at the girl and immediately sensed it, that gut feeling that told her that this was another Alt. Actually, she could feel more than one in the immediate area. However they were not vision Alts, she knew what to look for and the one facing her was not one.

"The hell WATCH where you're attacking!" Stella heard her yell. There was something odd about the yell, it seemed very close around her and wasn't echoing off in the distance as it should have been. A sound Alt then. "You can't let ordinary people see them all randomly disappear! Watch it dammit."

Lola hissed loudly and Stella curled her lips. Who the hell did she think she was?! The unknown girl turned away from her (causing Stella's rage to flare) and unleashed a shiny Hydriegon, and she climbed on its back and started heading for a shiny Galvantula. Stella's hand went to her belt and she unclipped a green Friend Ball from her belt. "Lazarus, come out." She ordered in a voice so cold that would have turned the rain to snow, if it were real. In a flash of smoke, a Hauntar appeared in front of her. "Lazarus, I want you to follow that Trainer," Stella said, pointing at the retreating Hydriegon. "Try not to be seen, but if you are noticed and attacked, then I give you permission to attack back." Her smile crept back onto her face, but it was cruel and cold.

The Hauntar laughed in delight and vanished instantly, presumably going off after the trainer as he was ordered. "Well, you get the deal, Lola." Stella said, stepping closer to the illusions that were still hanging around. "You may as well pretend to fight them. Thunderbolt."

As the Mismagius prepared her attack, Stella suddenly heard voices in her head. :My name is Musei Ichi and my trainer is the young brown-haired woman by the Gallade--me. She is a touch alternate and believes you are alternates as well. She is curious--is there a visual alt here and is there a plan?: She whipped her head around and saw the Gallade and the girl that was described. Well at least these people existed, so she wans't crazy. However Stella could not have replied telepathically even if she wanted to, so she simply sighed and crossed the street. She heard Lola hiss in alarm and seconds later the pokemon was floating at her side again.

The girl's pale eyes swept over the group. Yes, there was the touch Alt (barefoot too, how odd,) her blond companion (or were they companions? The Alt seemed rather annoyed at him) and a black-haired person with a Gardevoir and a Castform near him (and why were his eyes closed?) She tilted her head to one side and looked up at the Gallade fearlessly. "You asked for a visual Alt?" she said quietly. "Here I am."

"Excuse me," the black haired man with the Gardevoir spoke up. His voice was a lot like hers: quiet, but it carried over the group. "But would you mind explaining what Alternates are? I'm afraid we're a little lost here." The Gardevoir next to him nodded and gave them all a suspicious look, signaling that she clearly did not trust them.

Rai and Sora Hayabusa
Envoys of Taste and Smell
Nimbasa City
Affected Rper: Winter

:Ah, I'm better than I thought,: Rai thought when he heard the girl explaining that she could faintly taste mint.

:You know that could also be taken differently.: Sora piped up, clearly wanting to be in some sort of conversation.

:Lucky you,: Rai replied, rolling his eyes. Then he sent him a wordless idea. Sora rolled his eyes and backflipped off of his twin, causing gaspes from all around as he went through two of the electrical hoops before landing on his feet. Rai flipped back onto his own feet and waved at the crowd, smiling in his most charming manner. "Thank you for your contributions, ladies and gentlemen. I'm afraid that will be all for now--" there were groans of disappointment.

"--however in two hours we will be-- Sora interjected.

"--repeating our show over in the Fairgrounds." Rai finished and watched as a few people were already walking away. He turned back to the lady, clearly showing his back to the people in case some people wanted a picture or autographs. "Well you could try it, if you wanted to," he said, letting his almost hypnotic eyes touch hers. "After all, you let me try my powers on you."

Meanwhile Sora was rapping his knuckles on the cash register. "Hey Nomad, cough up the dough," he said and the money immediately started pouring out of the cash register. When all of it rested in the twin's pocket the machine instantly morphed into a Ditto. :Uh, Rai? You sure that's a good idea?: He asked as the pink blob crawled up his arm.

:Of course. It's just a little harmelss fun.: He sensed his brother's growing unease and sighed. :If she tries to do anything then you can attack her.: He reached down to pet Blitz, who was rubbing against his pant leg. " Try it, see what you get," he said with a smile.
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