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Default Re: POTM August Graphic Art Contest: Dratini, Dragonair & Dragonite

Oh, hey, I was wondering if you guys was going to make one of these for Graphic Art ^^

Title: Cosmic Dragon

Link to Entry:

What was your inspiration/a short description: Well, when I saw that first PoM article on the main website, I though "Oh hey! Cool! I'm totally going to do something for it!" And so, I looked around for a Dragonite render. I found a good one on a Pokemon card, one that I thought had a decent flow, then started working. Of course, PlanetRenders decides to go down on me the same day... so I had to get my c4ds from a different source. Being lazy, I just googled it and found a cool render with stars added with it. I really liked the effect that the stars brought in, so... the rest is history. ^^'

What do you like/dislike about the Dragonite family/personal reflections: Hey, I'm a huge fan of dragons, so the Dragonite family is all right in my book ;D But seriously, though, I love Dragonair's elegent design. Long, lithe, graceful... but potentially dangerous! Its probably my favorite in the family, though I admire Dragonite for its strength and interesting build. Dragonite seems almost comical to me in its design, but it can be a real incredible Pokemon. And it represents a gentler side of dragons, I think. While in the first Gen, Charizard is meant to look fierce, Dragonite appears gentler, more like a giant teddy bear of a dragon. I think this gentler side makes Dragonite seem much more lovable, added with its strength and status as a Psuedo-Legendary.

Link to Creative Dex submission post:

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