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Exclamation Re: Lady Snowblood's 5th Gen Event Store~

Greetings Lady Snowblood glad to have stopped by your shop so i happen to like your

06171 Carita's Hydreigon Timid 6-17-2011 Somewhat Vain HP 230

and wish to offer ONE of the two

1 Iris Axew egg from my US Black or
UT Espeon from my US Black Careful Lv 10 Mischievous (Magic Bouce) in Luxury ball HP 33 DATE:6/23/11 - OT:Mr420 43375

BW in-game name: Mr420
Friend Code: 3353 3371 7142

edit:BTW you mention you have this 11th Movie Zekrom^ are is it up for trade.? you dont mention it on your list for trades but i wanted to ask as Im on the hunt for 1.. and for it I can offer a Global Link Arceus UT.?

Pokérus Empire

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