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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Shade of Sound
Castelia City, Narrow Street
Affected RPer's: Chibi's...Haunter, Winter

As Shorai looked as bad ass as she usually did, jumping between buildings nimbly and wish such ease as Zhen and I followed her. I was watching around the roof carefully, making sure we weren't being lead into an ambush. I noticed Zhen flex muscles in his neck, turing to look behind us. I looked as well, noticing that there was only a Palpitoad and Seismitoad following us now. The others back around the Centre must have taken care of the rest--

My name is Musei Ichi and my trainer is the young brown-haired woman by the Gallade--me. She is a touch alternate and believes you are alternates as well. She is curious--is there a visual alt here and is there a plan?

It took me a second to realize that someone was using a Gallade Pokemon, well an Alt was using one to talk to the rest of us. Great, now I had attention. That's the last thing I wanted. I could hear Zhen growl, feeling my mild aggitation.

"The plan is making sure the illusions are taken care of." I thought back rather blandly, thinking that was clearly the most obvious thing to be taken care of. I sent an audio illusion back there just in case as well. "You keep to your own thing and I'm keeping to mine, don't bother me."

With that I focused on following Shorai again. Whoever this guy was, he was sure a hell ways away. I saw Zhen turn his head around again, knowing he sensed something. I turned to look again, finding nothing was there but just because I couldn't see it, doesn't mean I couldn't hear--

Something came out at me and outright tackled me off of Zhen. I felt fur and claws around my waist and could feel myself falling. Zhen roared and I knew shorai heard that as well. I tried pushing whatever had a hold of me off of me before I struck concrete with a flat back. Then suddenly I felt a dramatic change in direction, now going across rather than down. I looked at what was going on, seeing that Shorai had grabbed onto what was a...a Zoroark? That's definitely what it was but it looked like some war torn old fox. I saw it let go of me with one arm, and I took my chance to hit it. It let go.


At least that drop now was ten feet on the concrete, but it was more or less on my shoulder and Arceus is hurt like a bastard and a half. I got up, holding onto my shoulder as the Zoroark took a place across from me, with Shorai just in frnt of me, defensively wary of the fox's next move. That's when I looked up for Zhen. As I did, something yellow and purple jumped down next to the Zoroark; a shiny Alakazam.

Okay...this was getting weird...

The Seismitoad was there too, the illusion one. Why were they defending it, that Alakazam clearly knew I had known what it was. Zhen was pissed off, and fired a Tri Attack at the damn amphibian. The Seismitod responded by using Scald and intercepting the attack in a huge mass of steam.

Wait...if it could do that...then that Seismitoad was real...

I knew the one before was a mere illusion byt now I had a real Seismitoad in front of me, and it was a problem. Shorai and Zhen, I could hear, were preoccupied and before I could pull another Pokemon out for a fair triple. I heard that old Zoroark coming for me. I moved quickly, avoiding a tackle and still, remined in the steam. I would stick to my hearing for this.

Every few seconds, without an constant pattern this Zoroark tried to grab me or take a flying leap at my head. Why he was, I wasn't sure, why everything else was going on, I also wasn't sure.

I still have a bad feeling about all of this...
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