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Default Re: Lady Snowblood's 5th Gen Event Store~

okay so here are the 5 i like. let em know if these are okay for them.
05309 VGC09 Milotic France 6-20-2009 Alert to sounds HP 152 Shiny
05309 VGC09 Milotic Germany 6-13-2009 A little quick tempered HP 144 Shiny
20078 Aura Mew Adamant Italy 9-2-2007 Loves to eat HP 46
20078 Aura Mew Modest Germany 1-2-2008 Quick tempered HP 37
20078 Aura Mew Bashful Spain 7-28-2009 Quick tempered HP 40
Question about ANA darkrai. Does it keep Pokemon Event under location even if it's traded to gen 5? I am not experience about knowledge of events.